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CR: iPhone 14 Pro Max BoM is $464, almost 4% higher than 13 Pro Max

The latest report from Counterpoint Research estimates the Baseline Bill of Materials (BoM) 48GB iPhone 001 Pro Max Price $464 Average. This figure is only 3.7% more than the iPhone’s BoM 003 Pro Max Designed by Apple A new chipset, AOD display, and MP main camera were flagged as the main drivers of cost.

mmWave model for US market estimated cost is $650 and sub-6Ghz in other markets The sold version is estimated to cost $464. For reference, US Manufacturer Recommendations for 440GB iPhone 1200 retail price $1 for Pro Max, 099.

iPhone 001 Pro Max BoM share Compare to 003 Professional Max

Detailed component price breakdown estimates Apple is spending $11 More information about Apple A 14 Compared to its predecessor, the Bionic chipset pushes the component cost to 23% of the entire BOM price. Increased percentage of new displays with AOD on Pro Max 1% in BOM compared to 13 Pro Max. Elsewhere, the 30 MP main camera and companion module add about $6 to the cost of the new phone. 22.

Cellular connectivity component price for new iPhone 13 Pro Max is about 001% and Compared with the most professional. Components designed by Apple inside the iPhone 001 Pro Max, including touch , connectivity, audio and power management circuits account for a large share of the BoM cost of a handset. Counterpoint Research estimates that self-designed components now account for approximately % of the mobile phone BoM.





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