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Creator of “Shrunk” by Harrison Ford, Therapy, and The Muppets

“Ted Lasso” duo Bill Lawrence and Brett Goldstein and star Jason Segel join “TV’s Top 5” podcast hosts Lesley Goldberg and Daniel Fienberg for a lengthy interview about their new Apple comedy series.

Shrinking featuring Jason Segel and Harrison Ford

Jason Segel, Bill Lawrence and Apple’Shrinking’s Brett Goldstein join the podcast this week for a long look at the comedy series starring Harrison Ford Time to interview. by Apple TV+

Welcome to th First 5 episodes of TV , TV Podcast of The Hollywood Reporter .

Weekly, hosted by Lesley Goldberg (West Coast Television Editor) and Daniel Fienberg (Chief TV Critic) breaks down both sides of the latest TV news in business and critical context, welcomes showrunners, executives and other guests, and provides a great guide to what to watch (or skip as appropriate Pass).

This week, we’re back with five full themes, and our Showrunner Spotlight section is back in a big way, as we include Ted Lasso Duo Bill Lawrence and two-time Emmy winner Brett Goldstein and Jason Segel joins us as a trio to discuss their new Apple comedy, shrink .

Here’s how to play the entire episode.

1. Headlines

Phoebe Waller-Bridge, The Recruit, Cobra Kai, Doom Patrol and Titans, Mosquito Coast, Vampire Academy and Consecutive was the TV headline news this week.


Rick and Morty Co-Creator Fired

Good news for this week’s animation: The Simpsons, Bob’s Burgers and Spoof House has been updated to – Bad news for this week’s anime: Justin Roiland, the hugely popular Adult Swim Rick and Morty

co-creator has been fired and his voice role in the adult cartoon will be recast. Disney followed suit and dropped its overall deal with Roiland and removed him from two of his shows, Hulu’s Solar Opposites and the recently debuted koalas.

3. Change is coming Grey’s Anatomy

Christa Fernoff , formerly Grey writer who was picked by Shonda Rhimes to take over the show after the creator left Disney for Netflix, is leaving ABC’s medical drama and Its derivative product, Station . Sources say Fernoff wants to focus on her own development after spending two phases of her career at Shondaland. If Ellen Pompeo can do it, surely Vernoff can too.

4. Showrunner Spotlight

After a few weeks off, we are back with Ted Lasso Long and super interesting interview with co-creator Bill Lawrence and two-time AI winner AMAZING AWARD STAR, WRITER AND EXECUTIVE PRODUCER Brett Goldstein’s third and second visit to TV’s Top 5, join Jason Segel separately to discuss their new Apple comedy, Shrinking. The trio open up about working with Harrison Ford (and his hat), along with plans for three seasons of their therapy comedy and Puppets, Segel and Goldstein are still Kermit and company as we know diehard fans. (Get ready to laugh at Lawrence’s controversial idea about The Muppets, This may or may not go well with Segel and Goldstein.) Yes, we have your Ted Lasso was also updated.

5. Critic’s Corner

As always, each episode features Dan’s Thoughts to end watching (or skip) this weekend. This week, he’s on Peacock’s Poker Face, Hulu’s This730 Item, Wolf Pack for Paramount+ and Apple’s minification.

Now on TV’s Listen to on Top 5 . Be sure to Subscribe to the podcast and never miss an episode. (Comments welcome!) You can also email us any topic or mailbag questions you’d like addressed in future episodes at [email protected].

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