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Cristóbal Balenciaga's Favorite Model Danielle Slavik Returns to Balenciaga Couture Wearing His (and Her) Favorite Dresses

As reported by Sarah Mower of Vogue Runway, Demna said backstage after the show: “Haute Couture for me is all about clothes.” “There is a story that somehow happens by itself. It creates a bridge between past and present, which is why I wanted to do it from the beginning.” Slavik is a clear bridge between past and present , not only provided the brand’s current team with a living embodiment of Mr. Balenciaga as a couturier (and a treasure trove of memories), but also forged a moving link between past and present. Labels are a gift for those of us who look from the outside.

But breathing life into a design from years ago is no easy feat. “It’s very complicated,” says ex-Nina Ricci and Oscar de la Renta designer Peter Copping, now Balenciaga’s head of special projects and VIP attire, in a new video exclusively released of the look. “We have archive photos from our own archives, but that’s the only reference we have,” said the designer, explaining that since the brand didn’t have an archive pattern for this particular gown, they had to rely on Slavik’s knowledge of the pattern. Memories of a piece.

The black viscose velvet gown was worn by the model for the first time, which Slavik said was part of her modeling career (which also included Chanel and Hubert de Givenchy and other stars) favorite dress when Mr. Balenciaga created it himself for the first time. Grace Kelly then ordered the dress to be worn at the Scorpio Ball at 1969, her zodiac-themed birthday party. She wears it without the double string of pearls on the original and replica. 19691969




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