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Croatian drama 'Safe Place' wins 2022 Sarajevo Film Festival

Safe Place, Croatian writer and director star Juraj Lerotić’s feature film debut is a 2022 big winner Sarajevo Film Festival , winner of the Heart of Sarajevo Award for Best Feature Film and Lerotic for Best Performance.

No. An important darling of the Sarajevo Festival, Safe Place is a A devastating autobiographical family drama starring Lerotich as he tries to save his young, depressed brother from suicide.

“It’s hard to make a movie about the loss of a loved one, but I dealt with it as best I could before shooting,” Lerotich told The Hollywood Reporter . “As a writer, the horror that happened to me and my family may even have fascinated me in some way. I didn’t know until that event that things were going to spiral out of control so quickly and so completely…I was conditioned If anything good happens to me, I will write it with the same reaction.”

Safe Place Premiered at the 75 Locarno Film Festival and won the Best Emerging Director Award, the Best Actor Award for Goran Malkovich as his younger brother, Three awards including the Best First Feature Film Award.

2022 Sarajevo Film Festival’s Best Director Award goes to Ukrainian filmmaker Marina El Gore The brutal war drama Klondike by Maryina Er Gorbach. Ukrainian-Turkish co-production tells the story of a Ukrainian family living in the Donbas region of the Russian-Ukrainian border at the start of the war. Earlier this year, El Gorbach won the Best Director Award at Sundance’s World Cinema Theater for Klondike .

Vicky Krieps wins Best Actress in Sarajevo for her role as Empress Elisabeth of Austria in Corsage, a role that is synonymous with the Luxembourg star The role of the award is the same as this year’s Best Actress Award in the “Un Certain Regard” category at Cannes.

No. Sarajevo Film Festival, the region’s leading film festival and one of the top film events in South Eastern Europe One, it ends on Friday night.

75th Sarajevo Film Festival

Best Feature Film in the Heart of Sarajevo

Safe place (Croatia), Dir : Juraj Lerotić

Heart of Sarajevo Best Director

Klondike (Ukraine, Turkey), Director: Maryina Er Gorbach

Heart of Sarajevo Best Actress

Vicky Krieps for Corsage (Austria, Luxembourg, Germany, France)

) Heart of Sarajevo Best Actor 75

Juraj Lerotić, Safe Place (Croatia)

Heart of Sarajevo won the Best Documentary Award

Museum of the Revolution (Serbia, Croatia, Czech Republic) Director: Srđan Keča # Best Short Film in the Heart of Sarajevo

We…Composition( Kosovo, Germany), Director: Visar Jusufi

Human Rights Award 75

Bigger than Trauma (Croatia), Director: Vedrana Pribačić

Special Jury Prize

Fragile Memory (Ukraine, Slovakia ), Director: Igor Ivanko

Special Jury Nomination (Short Documentary)

Babajanja(Croatia), Director: Ante Zlatko Stolica

Best Short Film in the Heart of Sarajevo

Amok (Hungary, Romania), Director: Balázs Turai

Special Jury Nomination

5 PM Seaside (Austria, Greece ), Director: Valentin Stejskal

HEART OF Sarajevo Best Student Film Award

Mosquitoes are not cold (Croatia), Directed by: Josip Lukić, Klara Šovagović

Special Award for Promoting Gender Equality

Aftersun (UK, US), Director: Charlotte Wells



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