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Crossbone Gundam Love and Peace Manga Ends, V Gundam Gaiden Manga Launches

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The January issue of Kadokawa‘s monthly magazine published the final chapter of Yūichi Hasegawa‘s Love and Peace manga last Saturday. The same issue announced Kazuhiro Okamoto‘s V Gundam Gaiden manga. It will launch in the magazine’s next issue on December 25.

Hasegawa launched Love and Peace in the December 2022 issue of . Kadokawa shipped the first compiled volume on June 26, and the second volume will ship on January 26.

He launched the series after working on the Karras series in October 2022.

Hasegawa ended the X-11 manga in June 2022. Hasegawa launched the manga in in June 2021. Kadokawa published the manga’s second compiled book volume in September 2022.

Hasegawa launched Kidō Senshi Cross Born Gundam Dust in Monthly in July 2016. Then the most recent installment in the long-running series, it changes the “bone” in the previous titles to “born.” The manga is set in the previously undepicted timeframe of UC 0169. Kadokawa published the manga’s 13th and final volume in March 2021.

Hasegawa launched the original manga in the inaugural issue of Kadokawa‘s magazine in 1994, and ended it in 1997. That series served as a direct sequel to the anime film.

Hasegawa ran the manga short stories in from 2003 to 2004, followed by the manga in from 2006 to 2007. Hasegawa launched in in 2012 and ended it in 2016.

Source: magazine January issue

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