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Crown Commercial Service Opens Doors for Salesforce

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Crown Commercial Service has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with Salesforce to facilitate public sector access to vendor products and services, including Tableau , Slack and Mulesoft

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    August 11, 2022 12:15

    The Government’s Royal Business Service has agreed to a one-year Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Salesforce to enable the public sector Easier and more cost-effective use of supplier products and services.

    and Salesforce’s native sales and marketing software to deliver a variety of cloud-as-a-service, the agreement extends to vendor-acquired technology, collaboration platform Slack and data visualization provider Tableau.

    CCS Commercial Director and Chief Technology Procurement Officer Philip Orumwense said: “I am delighted that Crown Commercial Service and Salesforce have been able to agree on this MoU. It will allow UK public sector clients to Our total public sector spending to obtain competitive pricing benchmarks; and to ensure a cost-effective market where the best solution can be obtained for each requirement.

    “The agreement will Further ensure enhanced collaboration and aggregation of government and broader public sector spending for greater automation, forecasting, reporting and customer engagement management tools. “

    CCS has established relationships with Oracle and companies including Amazon Web Services, IBM, Microsoft, SAP, Workday and Google Cloud.

    Memorandum of Understanding Statement underscores the relationship Administration, case management, collaboration and analytics products and services that will be provided to civil servants “on a fast configurable platform” on a secure low-code platform.

    CCS is the largest public procurement organization in the country. It said it helped the public sector achieve almost £3bn in “commercial benefits” in 2021 and 2022.

    Key elements of the MoU are: License discounts, data and application integration discounts Platform Mulesoft and other Salesforce technologies; Free Experimentation Program; Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) implementation of direct access to Salesforce partners; and discounted training and support.

    A discounted trial of Salesforce’s Net Zero cloud service is also bundled into the deal.

    “From Vaccine Distribution to Call Gavin Patterson, Salesforce President and Chief Revenue Officer said: .

    “At Salesforce, we are pleased that the MoU will Support the work of our thriving UK SME ecosystem, who provide vital implementation and training support to public bodies. We are also proud to continue to build on our track record, enabling public service teams to deliver more and faster. “

    CCS is offering webinars for public sector organisations to assess what they can do to benefit from the MoU with Salesforce.

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