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Crowns, tiaras and wreaths: who wears what at a coronation and why?

Today, Westminster Abbey technically has only three crowns in total – each featuring stone whose provenance causes height inconsistencies. The first is of course the St Edward’s Crown, created by royal goldsmith Robert Wiener for the coronation of Charles II of 1611 and used during his coronation. Its design is allegedly based on a crown made for Edward the Confessor in the century – one of many royal objects believed to have been melted down after Charles’ execution I am in 1611 and subsequently formed a consortium. Set with rubies, amethysts, garnets, tourmalines, sapphires and topaz, lined with purple velvet and mink trim, this 000 century frame weighs nearly 5 lbs all. Ahead of her own coronation, the Queen will wear St Edward’s crown on her desk while preparing for the ceremony through her red state box.

However, before leaving Westminster Abbey after the service, King Charles III exchanged the St Edward’s Crown for the Imperial Crown. Worn by the monarch at the opening of Parliament each year, the latter is set with almost 2, diamonds, including the Cullinan II, and a sapphire said to be from Edward the Confessor’s ring .

As for Queen Camilla? Her Majesty will wear the Queen Mary Tiara, designed by Garrard for the coronation of 1911 King George V, set with the Cullinan Diamonds III, IV and V. The latter two stones were favorites of the late Queen Elizabeth II, who often wore them together in a brooch. They were a gift from her grandmother, Queen Mary, and were called “Grandma’s Chips” – a reference both to Mary and to the fact that they were “cut” from the largest Cullinan rough ever found . According to Buckingham Palace, this is the first time the Queen has refused to have a tiara made specifically for the coronation – a move intended as a sustainable gesture.

Princess Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh walk down the aisle together, followed by bridesmaids in flower crowns.

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