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Crows in the Inner Palace – Episode 4

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Episode 4
The Raven Inside palace?

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I think anyone who has asked someone if a carving is a “fat lizard” knows the answer is. Of course, that doesn’t stop Emperor Gaojun, but considering that Shouxue is fighting him in order to get to know her better (and likely fall in love with her; he asked the priest this week tough questions about the crow’s mate) shows that he interested in her), it’s hard to blame him. It feels as if he is willing to resort to anything if it will get him a response . But maybe he knew something about her, at least a little bit, because when she didn’t understand why Jiujiu was mad at her for wanting to give her a gift, she asked Gao Jun for advice. Granted, she doesn’t know how many other people to ask, but it’s still a sign that she’s slowly building up her trust in him, which should make him happy.

Not that there was no problem with the conversation because she clearly told him she The gift he wanted to give Jiujiu was the hairpin he gave her with his own hands. Gao Jun, like Shou Xue, tends to keep his emotions firmly in check, but his reaction to this bit of information lets us know that he’s not the most satisfied with it. In fact, he specifically told her not to give away the amberjack he gave her, and more importantly, he also told her why : This fish was made for him by Ding Lan, a person he cared about very much… A person who was killed by the empress dowager.

The deeper we go into this story, the more the Queen Mother holds onto the court was revealed. The soul Shouxue is saving this week is a lark, a small songbird that once belonged to a young woman named Princess lark. Unless I’m misunderstanding something, I believe she is Gao Jun’s half-sister, the daughter of a former emperor and concubine, for this terrible sin, she was forced to live in a small remote building, and the Queen Mother kept her down. From getting the medicine her sick constitution warranted. This led the princess to grow her own herb, which in turn led to her death: while trying to harvest a particular plant, she fell into the icy lake water. We’re not sure if she drowned or died of dunk complications – I believe it was the former, but the way it’s talked about later in the episode makes me question – but either way, she knows she’ll have to buy the drugs herself due to the Queen Mother’s hatred It did lead to the death of the princess. If you keep counting, there are at least four deaths on the woman’s tally, with more likely to come.

Shouxue’s ability to help the dead move on may be part of it Why is Gao Jun so obsessed with her. Like anyone else touched by the Queen Mother’s shadow, he lives with her poison, and as this week’s end credits show us, he’s now being touched by her two victims in a very real way troubled. Whether this is based on what she said before her execution is unknown, but in any case, Shouxue is obviously the opposite of the Queen Mother, bringing peace to people instead of disputes and pain. Even if he doesn’t grasp the idea of ​​having her help the ghost who visits him at night, Gao Jun must find the contrast between Shouxue’s willingness to help others. In her world, death was just another step in the journey, which was a comfort to him.

The bittersweetness of this week’s episodes mirrors previous episodes. Shou Xue can’t fix what the Queen Mother did, but she can, like Sleeping Beauty

The last fairy in the same , changing her curse. Maybe that’s why there are so many bird names in this series – birds exist in the critical space between heaven and earth, being able to travel between heaven and earth. Shouxue is the bond that sometimes helps connect the two, which makes her powerful in a quiet way. Score: ) is currently streaming on Crunchyroll.



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