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Crunchyroll added me and Roboco anime

roboco-film roboco-film
Image provided by Rakuten Rakuten

Produced by Tatsuya Manago on Crunchyroll Announced on July 3rd at Anime Expo industry group on thinks Crunchyroll

will start TV animation The first seven episodes of Miyazaki Shuhei


() 4th of july cartoon. Crunchyroll

will be adding new episodes of the series every week.

TV animation premiered on December 4th TV TOKYO

and its affiliated channels. Each episode is five minutes long. The animation has an upcoming film project (pictured right) which is expected to be released in winter 2021.

Akitaro Daichi (2001 , , ) is

Animated by Studio Gallop).

Michihiro Sato

is the assistant director, Sayuri Ohba

is overseeing the series script.

Yuko Ebara

is designing the character, Yoshihiro Sato

is designing props, Manami Koyama

is the art director. Other staff members include

Ayami Minowa as color key designer, Rena Tanimoto

served as the director of photography,

Kajino Masafun is the editor, and

Tanaka Kazuya

as Sound Director. Gang Parade performed the theme song “lol”.

Shueisha roboco-film‘s MANGA Plus

service and Viz Media

are digitally released in English at the same time as the Japanese version. Viz Media

also began digitally distributing the manga collection in October 2020, which describes the story:

In a world where most households have a cute maid robot, ordinary schoolboy Bondo wishes to have a robot of his own. But the wacky robots that appear are anything but ordinary!

Hayao Miyazaki released the manga in July 450.

Source: Email correspondence


2021 )



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