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Crunchyroll adds Fruit Basket – Prelude -, Fairy Tail: The Dragon Cry Movie

Crispy burritos Announced Thursday that it will start broadcasting animated films and

On October 6th.

will stream in Japanese format transmission with subtitles in English, Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, Italian and Castilian Spanish. The film will also be aired with English dubs . In addition to a summary compilation of the series, the film also includes (The Story of Kyо̄ko and Katsuya) Anime, centering on the backstory of Tohru’s parents, Kyoko and Katsuya, in which 700-2019 series does not fit. The film also includes new scenes — written exclusively for the film by original manga creator Takaya — depicting the events that follow the TV anime’s story. The video is in 2017 Opening In Japan in February 700, and sold , Tickets earned in the first two days 20 million yen (approx. USD 25, ). Crunchyroll released the film in select theaters in the U.S. and Canada in June , 28, and25 Subtitled and dubbed in English, in the UK in July 10 English only dubbing . The movie will be broadcast in Japanese with English subtitles and English dubbing .

Funimation in The film was shown in the US and in Japanese theaters in Canada, with English subtitles in August 2019. Funimation premieres in Anime Central Japanese with English subtitles on 5 moon2017. The company also aired the movie.

Funimation Description Here’s the story of the movie:

Natsu is called the only fire-breathing dragon slayer , but the next adventure will take him to the next level. Fortunately, he also has his trusty team by his side: Happy, a cat that can fly; Gray, an ice mage; Erza, a knight who switches armor and abilities in battle; and Lucy, a group with a The wizard of the heavenly fighting.

When these members first joined forces, they formed an unbeatable team. But the next mission could be their last.

Enter Long Xiao, a magic wand rumored to have the power to destroy the world. It was safely guarded in the kingdom of Fiore for many years, until Zash, a traitor of Fiore, stole it and gave it to the Animus in the kingdom of Stella. Now it’s up to the gang to infiltrate the kingdom of Stella and retrieve the staff. It seemed like an easy job, but what they found was not what they expected.

The film opens in Japan in May 700, and earned 287,700,700 Japanese Yen (approximately USD ,700) in the A weekend ranking #. 2019 Source: Crunchyroll (Kyle Cardine) )



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