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Crunchyroll has revealed the English voice cast and crew for Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear Punch!Japanese animation

A23127-466850708.1597100722©くまなの・Housewifeと生活社/くまクマ熊贝ベアaーぱーんち! Production Committee Crunchyroll

  • English voice cast and crew revealed Friday , based on the
      season 2 anime Kumano



        • ‘s light novel. The English-dubbed first episode premieres Monday.

          English dub star:

        Marissa Lenti as Yuna

    • Zansi Huynh as Fina

    Ama Lee as Noir

      Jalica Delgado as Shuri Felecia Angelle as Misana

        Lindsay Seidel as Kumayuru / Kumakyu

        • Ash Thurman

            as Milaine
        • Megan Shipman as Shia

            Y. Chang

              as Cliff

            • Morgan Lauré as Ellelaura

            Molly Searcy

              as Tiermina Mallory Rodak as Helen

                Meryl Grant

                  as Morin

                    Anairis Quiñones as Karin Brittany Lauda as Flora

                      Adrian Churchill

                        AS KING

                      Anastasia Muñoz as Kitia

                    • Jared Smith as Rem

                    Other sounds include: Alex Hom

                      , Michael Stiemark , Sara Ragsdale

                    • and
                        Sarah Wiedenheft.

                    English dubbing by:

                        ADR Director :Aaron Roberts

                            Assistant ADR Director:

                              Morgan Lauré

                                , Sara Ragsdale

                                  ADR Engineer:

                                    Seth Aulds

                                  • mixing engineer: Gino Palencia

                                    ADR ) Writer: Jessica Sluys

                                      Script Supervisor: Bonny Clinkenbeard ADR Ready: John Van Doren

                                        The animation premiered on AT-X, Tokyo MX , Sun TV

                                      , KBS KYOTO

                                        and BS11

                                          April 3rd Channel.

                                            Yuu Nobuta ( , ) will return Director Anime EMT Squared


                                                Hisashi Ishii

                                                  returns as series director. Takashi Aoshima (, ) is in charge of the script again,

                                                    Yuki Nakano () once again designed the character and acted as the general animation supervisor. Shigeo Komori

                                                      also returns to compose.

                                                        Anju and Xi

                                                          perform the opening theme song “Kimi to no Mirai”. Kazuki voiced Fina in the animation and performed the opening theme of the first season.

                                                            Maki Kawase

                                                              sang the ending theme song “Zutto”. Kawase voiced Yuna in the anime and performed the ending theme song of the first season. The first season will premiere in October 12, and aired episodes of Funimation

                                                                shows anime aired in Japan, with an English dub.

                                                                Seven Seas Entertainment

                                                                  is Publish novels in English.

                                                                Source: Crunchyroll (Liam Dempsey)

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