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Crunchyroll Reveals English Voice Cast for TenPuru Anime

tenpuru tenpurutenpurutenpuru© Yoshioka Kodansha/てんぷる Production Committee Crunchyroll announced the English dubbing of “” TV animation on Friday lineup and staff. manga by Kotake Yoshioka

    . The dub will premiere Saturday with the first episode.

    CAST – ADR Director Mike McFarland , Producer

    Zach Bolton

      , Writer

      Ben Phillips

        , Mixer

        Gino Palencia

          and Engineer

          Victor Acosta tenpuru — including:

    Bradley Gareth

      as Mingguang

      Kelly Greenhill

        as Teak

        Molly Chang as Tsukiyo Monet Lerner as Kiki

        Celeste Perez

          as Kagura

          Morgan Leah

            as Kurage

            Monica Rial as Nyagosuke

            Marian Bray ) as Mia

            Monica Rial

              as Mingguang (Young)

              Kent Williams

                as Chunfeng The animation will premiere on TOKYO MX and BS

                  channels on July 8. Crunchyroll is also streaming the series live with English subtitles. Crunchyroll

                    describes the series:

                    Mingguang was abandoned by his lustful father at a young age. He was always told that a man could never live alone, so to prove his father wrong, he swore to live a single life. But when an accidental encounter fascinates him, he realizes that there are too many temptations in the outside world. So, he decided to become a monk. There’s just one problem: the temple is full of women!

                    Kazuomi Koga (


                          ) is directing the animation at Moonlight

                            . Masato Katsumata


                                ) is in charge of character design,

                                Kashii Hinata


                                    ) is in charge of the series script. The five main female actors sang the show’s ending theme song “Oidemase! Mikazukidera” respectively.

                                    BookWalker Global is publishing this manga in English. Yoshioka (

                                        ) launched his manga ”’s manga app in September. tenpuru

                                    Source: Crunchyroll (Liam Dempsey) 318tenpuru




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