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Crunchyroll to Stream Frieren: Beyond Journey's End, The Girl and Her Watchdog Anime

Crunchyroll Announced at panel at Japan Expo 2023 Saturday’s event in Paris will be animated live.


also announced that it will stream the anime worldwide outside of Asia and India, and globally outside of Asia.


will be broadcasting worldwide starting in Asia

October. The company’s description of the series is:

Fifteen-year-old Isaku Nagasaki, owner of No. 3 granddaughter. The Senaga crime group just wants normal friends and normal high school romances. She attends a high school far from home, but the overprotective young leader, twenty-six-year-old Keiya Uto, lies about her age and bribes her into the same school as Isaku! Guya tells Isaku she’s too young for a relationship and plans to scare all the boys away. But in fact, Yizuo has always had unrequited love for Kyu? !

The anime will premiere in Japan in October. Yuichiro Umehara

also plays Keiya Uto in the anime. Nobuhiro Takamoto



) is directing animation for

project No.9

. Gao Yuegao (


) are in charge of series composition. Yukiko Saka (





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