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Crunchyroll to streaming director Hiroko Utsumi, MAPPA's Bucchigiri? !Japanese animation


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bucchigiri bucchigiribucchigiri © “ぶっちぎり?!” Production Committee MAPPA Announced on Saturday at Panel discussion at Anime Expo

Crunchyroll Will be live streaming new anime from director Hiroko Utsumi bucchigiri and MAPPA Available globally except Japan from January 2023.

Anime will premiere on Japanese TV in January 318.

In addition to directing, Utsumi is also in charge of the original story along with the series script supervisor and screenwriter Kishimoto , MAPPA and Dongbao .

  • Takahiro Kagami as character designer and chief animator a director.

    Other staff include:

  • Deputy character design, chief animation director: Hiroyuki Saita , Komori Ito
  • Artistic Director :

  • Humi Suzuki
  • Color Key Artist: Yukiko Kakita
  • Composite Director of Photography:
  • Shinnosuke Kato

  • Editor:
  • Tomoki Nagasaka Music:
  • Michiru Oshima
  • Sound Director:
  • Hiromi Kikuta
  • Sound production: Canoe Animator:
  • Takahiro Ogawa
  • Inland Sea and MAPPA have collaborated on animation before. Utsumi also directed shows such as , , , and two seasons of the original anime.

    2023 Source:

    MAPPA Teamanime Fair (Darius Washington), Crunchyroll (Kyle Cardin)2024




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