Wednesday, June 7, 2023 Signs Pre-Registration Agreement with Canadian OSC Signs Pre-Registration Agreement with Canadian OSC has become the first global cryptocurrency exchange to sign a commitment with the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC). is one of the world’s leading crypto platforms, and according to the platform’s details, has partnered with Canada Securities regulator the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) signed an important agreement to share on Tuesday.

The exchange’s growth over the past two years has included significant transactions and partnerships, announcing that it has entered into a pre-registration commitment with the Canadian OSC, the Canadian Securities Authority (CSA) nationwide approved regulatory measures., the agreement with OSC makes the exchange the first global crypto platform in the country to operate within such a regulatory commitment.

Compliance is key

The terms of the pre-registration commitment allow to comply with securities regulators Institutional cooperation. Key among them is compliance, meaning the exchange will offer its services and products to customers within the scope of Canadian regulations, the press release details. CEO Kris Marszalek commented that the agreement with Ontario’s securities regulator is part of a compliance effort that “underscores” everything the platform does. This latest chapter will help them better serve their North American customers.

North American markets, especially Canada, represent an important area for their potential growth. Crypto markets, we are proud to partner with OSC and CSA for Canada Customers provide a safe, secure and reliable global platform ,” added Marszalek.

The OSC agreement adds to several other regulatory footprints has achieved in Canada. These include registration with the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC) and the Quebec Authority for Financial Markets (AMF).

The announcement also adds key regulatory scores has secured globally, including Singapore, UAE, South Korea, Greece, Italy and the Cayman Islands.

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