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Cult Gaia Spring 2023 Ready-to-Wear

Picture this: a couple of friends go on a “road trip”, but instead of traveling in a car, they ride a horse, picking psychedelic mushrooms along the way that turn everything around them into a kaleidoscopic color. That’s what Jasmin Hekmat sees in her Cult Gaia Spring 2023 collection, inspired by the movie Zabriskie Point.

The series is indeed colorful and full of western elements. Cowboy chic has been trending for the past few years, but now Cult Gaia is getting in on it (and about time, since the brand is usually a trendsetter). Fringed details, thin and thick belts, and studded skirts and jackets evoke the California desert without compromising what Cult Gaia does best: sexy, colorful garments. The way Hekmat makes denim—covering the denim with rhinestones—reflects this mindset. “If Cult Gaia was going to do denim, how would we do it?” she said. “It’s an eye-catching, flattering pant. I’ll wear a sweater over it and it’ll be chilly.”

Indeed, this isn’t a staple collection. Hekmat is interested in novelty and wants each piece to be unique to the buyer. “When I see a lot of one thing, I don’t like it anymore,” she said. “If I see a thing that I can give to many people but feels unique, then I’m doing well.” While much of the collection achieves this goal of novelty, the best pieces But it gives people a special feeling. See also: a sand tank dress with beaded fringe.



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