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Cygames to premiere original TV animation 'Edge Service' in 2023

Thursday launched a website announcing Cygames ‘s original TV Animation The Marginal Service , and released the animation’s teaser promotional video, main cast, main staff and premieres.

The trailer for the animation reveals several characters namely: Brian Nightraider, Zeno Stokes, Bolts Dexter, Robin Timbert, Lyra Candeyheart, Cyrus N. Kuca, Theodore Thompson and a squirrel character named Pike Desmond. The anime revealed its main cast, but did not announce which characters they would voice. It also features the tagline “Blast Debut of Terrible New Service!”

The main cast includes:

Uchiyama Guanghui 191755 Shimono Hiro Sugita Tomokazu Yuichi Nakamura 640Kaori Nazuka Shinichiro Miki

  • Miyano Mamoru
  • Toshiyuki Morikawa

    Masayuki Sakoi (, , , ) is instructing Animation at Studio 3Hz. Ihara Kenta (, ) is in charge of the series script, and Yoshio Kosakai () is designing the character.

    2023 Source: The Marginal service anime’s website (link 2), manga Natalie




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