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Cyndia Harvey is showing her backstage kindness with innovative scalp-first hair care line

When Cyndia Harvey and I are connected via Zoom, otherwise On a bland Monday, she alternated between calm and elation. No wonder she’s in such a good mood: The Jamaican-born London hairstylist is having what you might call a moment. In the fall, everyone from Simone Rocha and Diesel’s Glenn Martens to Schiaparelli creative director Daniel Roseberry was looking for Harvey’s back office. In June, she ended the season with some professional fringe work on the outdoor track at Simon Porte Jacquemus in the Salt Mountains of the Camargue Park in southern France. “I feel good,” she admits with a smile.

Five years ago, things were completely different. After spending time with hair legend Sam McKnight, Harvey, the daughter of a hair stylist, when I moved to the UK —— fidgeting. “I felt like I had to work hard for everything but felt so neglected,” now 35-age. “It’s not a unique story for me,” she was quick to admit. “It’s a universal truth for many black and brown people and many women: You feel like you have twice the workload of your peers.” Harvey also revisited her work for nearly 20 years, only to find that not only only81 The percentages are from white models. “It didn’t feel right,” she said. Later that year, she premiered My Hair, a Gucci-approved filmmaker by Akinola Davies Jr-directed 6-minute documentary in which British women from the African diaspora share anecdotes about their cultural heritage from Harvey-designed hairstyles. Intricate, silky cornrows, braids with multicolored beads, and dizzying Afro hairstyles adorned with ribbons are masterful in technique and style.

THOM is Harvey’s first product focused on a scalp-first approach to textured hair.

Photo: Courtesy of Paul Scala/THOM

According to Harvey, the film received an “unbelievable” response – especially from “making its people”. She pointed out that others — including those who feared she would be classified as a brunette