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Daisuke Hirakawa and Nobuhiko Okamoto Join The Avengers

Official Twitter accounts of Nitroplus and


‘s original TV anime revealed two more cast members for the anime on Friday. The two new actors are Nobuhiko Okamoto as Saimon Shishido (pictured left below) and Daisuke Hirakawa as Liu (right). revenger-castrevenger-castrevenger-castrevenger-kv©REVENGER Production Committee

revenger-kv©REVENGER Production Committee

The anime premiered in Japan on January 5th. Crunchyroll is streaming the anime worldwide, except in Asia, and is also streaming the English dub.

Crunchyroll Description anime:

As Master Assassin Moto Usui investigates a series of assassinations against the great samurai clan Satsuma, he meets Kurima Raizo, a member and survivor of one of the attacks. Together, they discover that the true nature of these murders isn’t just stolen resources. As they get closer and closer to the truth, will they come out alive to avenge their revenge?

Original. Shochiku , Ajia-do and Nitroplus Participated in the planning of the program. Masaya Fujimori (, , ) is doing Ajia-do. NitroplusGen Urobuchi (, ) is the original story writer and is also responsible for Series script. Urobuchi also has a relationship with NitroplusRenji Ōki (, ). Jiro Suzuki and Yūichi designed the characters, and

Yuji Hosogoe is adapting those designs into animation. Hosogoe is the chief animation supervisor along with Yuki Nishioka and

Emiko Endo

. Jun Futamata is composing.

Additionally, Hotaka Okamoto is the art director,

Naomi Nakano

is color design, Teppei Satō is director photography, Akiko Fujita is the sound director. RetBear (unknown dubbing: O2) sang the opening song “Downtimer”. Maaya Sakamoto sang the show’s ending theme song “un_mute”.

Source: Anime Twitter account, Comic Natalie revenger-cast

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