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Daisy Edgar-Jones Goes Blonde for Bright Makeup This Summer

Thinking about doing a brand new dye job before summer arrives? Then let Daisy Edgar-Jones be your inspiration. The actor just swapped her signature deep brunette for flaxen, and debuted the subtle style at this year’s Met Gala.

Photo: Getty Images

Edgar-Jones turned to colorist David Inman to execute the transformation (which, it’s worth noting, was for a new role), and her new hair color is the perfect golden blonde for her skin tone. Inman, who works at George Northwood’s East London salon, has lightened her hair several shades, but staying true to the Northwood ethos, it looks natural, voluminous and effortlessly relaxed.

Wearing Edgar-Jones, with her hair tied in a sleek knot and enviable French-girl fringe over her eyes, matched her embellished Gucci outfit perfectly. Simple hair tricks that can be seen from her styling? Ask your colorist to leave just the right amount of natural roots in the show to create a lived-in cool-girl effect. You’re welcome.



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