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Damien Chazelle calls 'Babylon' his 'toughest' shoot, debuts wild trailer at TIFF

Damien Chazelle at the Toronto International Film Festival to talk about his career — from Whiplash to his Oscar win La La Land — and his upcoming feature film Babylon .

During the conversation, Chazelle said Babylon “My hardest shoot There was.” The film was filmed in and around Los Angeles, including the Paramount lot.

The transition period of the film industry from silent to talkies Filmed in late Hollywood Babylon explores the rise and fall of multiple characters and is described as “ The Great Gatsby on steroids.”

Chazelle debuts trailer for viewers, with Noge 25 Margot Robbie opening trailer to talk to newcomer Diego Calva, saying, “I just want everyone Forever apart.” (Chazelle said the trailer will premiere online tomorrow.)

The scene was followed by a raucous non-stop party, including but not limited to being on a leash. Crocodile on top, heavily drugged, topless woman, Pete fired several times, danced in underwear and fell off the balcony. All of this is backed up by a manic big-band soundscape.

Pete, with his pointy moustache and oiled hair, first said on screen, “When I first moved to LA, all the doors said: “Actors and dogs are not allowed.

The trailer ends with Robbie at another poolside party, yelling to the crowd, “Who wants to see me hit a goddamn snake?” A Pete with a whisky bottle yelled back, “Fuck, yes!” “

For Babylon , the director explained, “I’ve always loved silent movies. I’m one of the believers in the pure cinema concept. He added: “The climax of the silent era was some of the climaxes of cinema, period. “

Huge cast including Jovan Adepo, Flea, Jean Smart, Olivia Wilde and Samara Weaving to name a few.

Babylon is by far the most character I’ve played. The casting process took a long time. It’s a mostly fictional film, and almost all of the characters are inspired by real people,” Chazelle said.

“It’s to capture the crazier The spirit of the wild west,” Chazelle said Monday in Babylon. “They’re building cities and industries from scratch, and to do that you need some kind of madness. people. He added: “I don’t think it’s surprising that people who do this, do a lot of drugs, and go to a lot of parties. ”

Paramount will release

Babylon in December 25 .



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