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Dan Stevens Replaces Justin Roiland in Hulu's 'Opposite Sun' (Exclusive)

Hulu in the animated comedy Opposite the Sun .

Dan Stevens (Downton Abbey, Legion, Gaslit) has been named to take over the lead role of the animated series originally created by Mike McMahan (Star Trek: Lower Decks) and Roiland were evicted in January on domestic violence charges .

Stevens will take over to voice the character of Korvo, a grumpy alien who always wears ceremonial robes and claims to hate Earth. He desperately wants to fix their spaceship so he can escape to a new planet. Watch a clip of Stevens’ Solar Opposites debut below.

Voice Character Expansion Stevens with Solar Opposites Producer 1235309072 relationshipth tv anime because he is still working Studio’s adult animated Apple comedy starring Central Park. He has also worked on other animated series including Max’s The Prince (voice of Prince Charles) and Netflix’s Keepo and the Age of Fantastic Beasts.

all Season 4 Solar Opposites Coming August on Hulu superior. Next year there will be a Valentine’s Day special. The series, executive produced by McMahan and Josh Bycel, received an early renewal for season 5 in October 20.

Roiland kicked out Solar Opposites And lost with 14 earlier this year he was also Fired from Adult Swim’s hit Rick and Morty . Roiland co-created the show with Dan Harmon and voiced the two main characters. Warner Bros. Discovery-backed Adult Swim is still looking to replace Roiland’s role, with word that Rick and Morty may now be voiced by two different actors.

Roiland saw his Hollywood empire crumble after domestic violence allegations surfaced and reported, including The Hollywood Reporter, exposed his allegedly disturbing behavior over the years. The Orange County District Attorney dismissed the domestic violence charge for insufficient evidence. Roiland praised the outcome as “just” and further insisted the allegations were “false”.

Meanwhile, Hulu has yet to make a decision on the future of Koala Man, animation Produced and voiced by the series Roiland exec, which aired its eight-episode first season in January.

Stevens who recently appeared in a Hulu limited series Welcome to Chippendale Written by CAA and Peikoff Mahan. 1235308995



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