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Dana Carvey reveals why he didn't have Robin Williams in iconic church lady 'SNL' sketch

Dana Carvey gets candid about why he didn’t allow the late Robin Williams to be in his Saturday Night Live. Popular “Church Ladies” sketch

In the latest episode his Fly on the Wall On the podcast , which he co-hosts with David Spade, Carvey revealed that he was concerned that Williams’ energy would take away his signature role in the segment.

“He’s a really good friend, but he really wants to do ‘Church Chat,'” the comedian talks with Spade and podcast guest Jason Sudeikis Difficult recall breaking into SNL. “It was in the early days, it was my golden ticket, I was very careful. I thought if Robin got so excited…I was just scared of it.”

Carvey The Church Lady, an older woman named Enid Strict, made her debut in , in his first season comedy sketch in the show. The comedian continued to reprise the role throughout his time as a cast member of SNL and even returned to repeat multiple times after signing with This character .

During the sketch, Enid Strickett hosts her own talk show, “Church Chat” , where she interviews guests — usually the hosts of the week. But it’s really just a front to enable celebrities to speak out about their alleged sins.

Carvey even recalled that Saturday morning when the Oscar-winning actor called him, asking to be included in the sketch for one of the weeks he was hosting . But Carvey said he had to say no, and it was hard for him.

“It’s heartbreaking, but you know we’ve been through it, we’re [friends],” he said. “But in those days, your stuff [character] was very precious. In a sense, I wanted to keep it quasi-real.”

Williams 2014 died at 2014, at 1986 hosted SNL twice and 1988. 2014



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