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Dana White and Nate Diaz once nearly got into a fight at a club when they were drunk

Welterweight fan favorite Nate Diaz has been on the UFC roster since winning Ultimate Fighter 5 in June 2007. He is a 15-year Octagon veteran known for his durability, stamina and personality.

Diaz is already an avid hero, handing his first UFC loss to a former two-division champion at UFC 196 after just a few days’ notice Conor McGregor. Diaz’s legacy grew this week when he revealed that he and UFC president Dana White nearly clashed at a club in 2014.

“”I almost beat Dana White at a club and time is here too, you should see it,” Diaz told ESPN recently. “He’s talking nonsense, I’m in Quarrel with him. I’m mad at him – I shouldn’t be mad at him, I get it. A long time ago, when Gilbert was filming The Ultimate Fighter. Everyone left the show and we went to the club and Dana and they were having a big dinner and Dana was all [intoxicated]. He was like, “What’s wrong, fuck?” I was like, “What’s wrong?” He told me, ‘What do you want? I was like, ‘What do you think I want? More money and better fights than everyone here. This is because at the time I never had a championship at the destination. “

White was asked about Diaz’s comments, which seemed to confirm that it did happen during Dana White’s Contenders postgame press conference during Week 7 of the series.

” Allegedly. allegedly. We’re drinking,” White said.

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