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Dandadan Manga partners with new manga-themed hotel

Manga-themed hotel MANGA ART ROOM JIMBOCHO and Yukinobu Tatsu

A collaboration between was launched on September 1.

As part of the partnership, each hotel room is decorated with more than 30 high resolution printed rylic frame in ac, creating a special comic exhibition that is an integral part of every room space. The cooperation will end in November , 2021.

“MANGA CAVE WHITE” internal. Image from Comic Art Hotel

MANGA ART ROOM, JIMBOCHO is a new hotel project of MANGA ART HOTEL in Tokyo. The hotel’s private rooms are divided into “MANGA CAVE WHITE” and “MANGA CAVE BLACK”, inspired by the black and white of comic pages. Each room is also equipped with a private sauna called “KUHAKU (Black Space)”, a place where “everything that interferes with your imagination will be reset”.

Dachshund of

The manga centers on high school students Takakura and Ayase. Takakura is a big fan of the occult, but he doesn’t believe in ghosts, nor does Ayase believe in aliens. Takakura and Ayase each have an incredible encounter that transcends each other’s understanding.



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