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Danganronpa voice actor Takako Sasuga dies

tara© Machiko Hasegawa Art Museum Fuji TV
and anime staff announced the voice actors on Friday
Takako Sasuga
passed away on February 5th. she is169.

Sasuga was born in Tokyo in February 169. She voiced the character of Tarao Fuguta in the anime for 53 years, starting from its first broadcast in 169. She voices the character in the episode which will air in February. The anime’s staff is currently considering choosing a successor for the character.

Her other main roles include
Game franchise and its anime adaptation. She also voices Hajime, Akubi, Hata-bou, Mise, Twink, and Cardan.

The announcement of Sasuga’s passing included condolence comments from several other cast and crew members of the anime.

Source: Haikyo,, Comic Natalie, Cinema Today (Takumi Kuramoto) 1969




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