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Danger in My Mind ‒ Episode 5

What do you think of Episode 5 of

My Dangerous Heart ?

Community Rating: 4.3 ©Norio Sakurai (Akita Boys Store)/Danger in Heart Committee vlcsnap-2023-04-30-22h53m38s174.png

I love this little ball of anxious, overthinking energy. It felt like I was looking at a younger version of myself, constantly second-guessing the intentions of those around me, even when the simplest answers turned out to be correct. Who am I kidding? I still think that way to this day, I’m almost thirty. Of course, I’m mostly joking, but this episode felt like an appropriate follow-up to some of the hints we got last week, especially about Ana’s insight unfolding without actually seeing things from her point of view. Ana may be dumb, but she’s adorable and seems to say whatever she wants. Previously, I liked how the show used it to keep us guessing if she was trying to get close to Kyotaro on purpose or if it was just a coincidence. However, while her intentions remain somewhat ambiguous, as we’re still seeing things from Kyotaro’s perspective, it’s clear to the audience that she may have thought things through more than we first thought.

Anna seems to be able to tell when Kyotaro Lying or covering up because of others – like when he tried to pretend he was stupid to help his classmates, she noticed that he wanted to see those professional manga illustrations, but so as not to feel embarrassed. She may be as attentive as Kyotaro, but her personality is completely different from his, which is a surprisingly subtle way of suggesting that these two could be a romantic couple. My favorite scene to embody this is the umbrella situation. I’m 100% sure Ana lied about not having an umbrella because she wanted to share an umbrella with Kyotaro and probably backed off at the last minute. The scene where they are out in the rain with their ponchos and purses is very sweet and intimate for these two preteens.

I think this episode is kind of cheating on the umbrella scene At the end, Ana says she’s in love, and Kyotaro yells in confusion because he’s not sure if she’s talking about ice cream. I don’t know why the episode cut to a new scene after that. It wasn’t a monologue, nor was he imagining himself saying it, so it was impossible for Anna not to answer the question. He yelled it out loud and called attention to the fact that it was the loudest he had ever yelled. I’d love to see Ana’s reaction to this question, but we immediately switch to another day. It feels clumsy and unnecessary since I’m sure there are many other ways to handle it. Outside of that little speed bump, though, I like the natural progression of the relationship. Now that these two are in isolation, let’s see how they fare together during the long stretches outside of school.




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