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Dangerous Inside Me anime's trailer reveals more staff, theme song, debuts April 1

Norio Sakurai‘s TV Anime Official Site’ s

() Comic released a new teaser promo video and A new main visual. The video reveals the first footage of the animation, its April 1 premiere date, and more crew. It also revealed and previewed the opening song “Shayō” (太阳) sung by yorushika and released the ending song “Sū Sentimental” (Some Sentimental ) by Kohana Lam .

New staff members include:

Color Design: Kumiko Yanagisawa

  • Art Director: Masaki Mayuzumi
  • Photography Composite Director: Kentaro Minegishi, Yuichi Takezawa Edit: Aya Hida Sound Director: Noriyoshi Konuma Sound production:

      Magic Capsule

    ©桜井のりお(Akita Bookstore)/Servant Yaba Production Committee Previously announced actors include: Toshi Horie as Kyotaro Ichikawa 2nd_teaser-visual-2_c- Hina Yomiya as Anna Yamada

      Ayaka Asai as Chihiro Kobayashi

        Megumi Han as Moeko Sekine

          Atsumi Tanezaki as Serina Yoshida

          Nobuhiko Okamoto as Shō Adachi

        • Gen Sato as Kenta Kanzaki
        • Jun Fukushima

          as Chikara Ōta

        Aki Toyosaki as Honoka Hara 2nd_teaser-visual-2_c- Yukari Tamura as Kana Ichikawa

        Nobunaga Shimazaki as Haruya Nanjō

      Hiroaki Akagi (, ) is directing anime Jin Rong Animation

      . Jukki Hanada (, , ) is in charge of the series script and Masato Katsumata (, ) is working on Design characters. Composer kensuke ushio (, , ) is composing the music. Sakurai is credited with an original story.

    Seven Oceans Entertainment Licensed manga, which describes the story:

    Ichikawa Kyotaro, a boy barely making it to the bottom of his school’s social ladder, secretly believes he’s the tormented protagonist of some psychological thriller. Every day, he tries to find a way to disturb the peaceful life of his classmates, and misses his class idol Anna Yamada. But Kyotaro is far from the troubled teen he pretends to be… As it turns out, Ana herself is a little eccentric!

    Sakurai Yu Released manga from Akita Shoten Magazine is marching 2018. Manga moved to

    Akita Shoten‘s Champion Cross manga site

    in April . When Champion Cross merges with Akita Shoten‘s other manga site, Champion Tap! Established a new website Manga Cross , The manga moved to that new site. Akita Shoten will publish the 8th volume of the manga on March 8th. Seven Seas Entertainment will publish the sixth volume of the manga in July.

    Source: Anime Website, Press Release 2018 195399




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