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Daniel Cormier hits back at idea that Leon Edwards win over Kamaru Usman was a fluke: 'It's not the first time he's kicked someone with this kick'

UFC commentator Daniel Cormier doesn’t believe Leon Edwards’ knockout bout against Kamaru Usman It was a fluke.

“Rocky” faces the “Nigerian Nightmare” in the UFC 278 Main Event Saturday night in Salt Lake City. The fight was a rematch of their last UFC fight at Fox 17 in 2015. In their first match, Usman won by unanimous decision.

However, last weekend in Utah, the Brits tied the series 1-1. In the fifth round of their title headlines, Edwards scored a stunning header knockout. And just like that, he became the UFC Welterweight Champion.

In the days following the victory, many claimed the header was a fluke. Fans pointed out that Leon Edwards was behind going into the final round and thought the strike was a lucky shot.

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However, Daniel Cormier simply did not accept that conversation. UFC commentators discuss the title fight on the DC & RC podcast. There, the former champion hit back at the idea that victory was a fluke.

The 43-year-old pointed out that yes, Kamaru Usman is going into the final round. However, “DC” also pointed to the fact that Edwards has scored on headers in the past. With that in mind, the result wasn’t a fluke.

Leon Edwards
picture Source: Twitter by Leon Edwards (photographer not listed)

“He went out Give yourself a chance,” said DC & RC’s Daniel Cormier. “I don’t know if he combined that combination with the idea that it would land [cleanly] because nothing worked from the second round. But, he hit the ball perfectly. I’ve seen it before He does it.”

“This is not the first time he has kicked people like this. He has done it on many occasions…looks crazy.”

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