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Daniel Radcliffe gets 'weird' in his post-Porter career, picks roles 'on the basis of looking interesting'

2013 Spring, two movies starring Daniel Radcliffe almost came out back to back.

In Escape from Pretoria , he plays a real-life anti-apartheid activist and ex- Political Prisoner Tim Jenkins Who’s in 1983 is a daring and successful breakout – using a secretly crafted wooden key – to escape from a South African prison.

In Guns Akimbo , he plays Miles, a computer programmer who goes crazy in the near future, who Waking up one morning to find a gang of followers of a crime boss – including a masked man named Fuckface – with bloody guns in each of his hands.

For those of you who have been following Radcliffe’s posts – Harry Potter Career, this rapid-fire double of tight historical prison thriller and crazy action-comedy sci-fi feels like a perfect summary as he leaves the world’s most successful One of the film franchises of nearly a decade.

Fart Corpse and other characters (Swiss Soldier ), defeated the poet Alan Ginsberg (Kill Your Darlings), a skinhead Nazi infiltrating FBI agent(Imperium) and one in a Drunk nights found magical horns growing on his forehead (Horns), which underscores his status as an actor, not only not afraid of being in every new A person who seems to be actively seeking out the craziest and most eclectic jobs possible.

The strangest is yet to come.

When the message came 2013 Radcliffe to play ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic in Roku’s comedy non-biographical Weird: The Al Yankovic Story (Coming to the platform on November 4th) – a ridiculous looking actor A few years ago – the general response was absolute acceptance. Of course, the former boy wizard will play the curly-haired, Hawaiian-shirted, accordion-playing musical parody hero. Who else would you choose?

Weird The Al Yankovic Story

Weird The Al Yankovic Story

Daniel Radcliffe in ‘ Weird: The Aljankovic Story ‘ Provided by Roku Channel

“That’s the beauty of the reputation I obviously have now,” Radcliffe said from his New York home (Rolling after a busy day of rehearsals for the upcoming off-Broadway rerun of Stephen Sondheim’s Happy Us). “It’s funny because I don’t really have anything to make you go, ‘Oh yeah, he’s perfect [to play Strange Al].’ There’s absolutely nothing special about my work, and nothing Skills can be transferred to this movie.”

But the fact that so many people have seen what he’s done before (Radcliffe’s title list says he doesn’t feel all “strange”) and concluded that the “Strange Al” biopic was the logical next step, which he considered a “huge compliment.” This almost perfectly sums up his tenure at Hogwarts at the end of 1297648 GOAL TO ACHIEVE with The Deathly Hallows – Part 2.

“When I was done with Potter and trying to figure out my career after that, I always said I wanted to be the kind of actor who made his character interesting enough that when you got something out, people just Will go, ‘Oh, that’s what he is, he always makes interesting choices,'” he explained.

being the central, most visible cog of this global phenomenon – which propelled him to fame at his just

age – he admits, it’s easy to be “like a grindstone on the neck”. “And I’m sure for some directors, they’re like, ‘Oh, I really don’t want him in my movie, because everybody thinks about Harry Potter.'”

Thank goodness for every director who thinks this is a problem, there is another, like Kill Your Baby ‘ John Krokidas . “He would say, ‘Can I have a chance to reshape you and show you in a new way?'” Radcliffe recalls. “Some directors are very excited about it. Like, you’re going to play a corpse!”

in Potter straight out of the block after Hammer Films Horror Woman in Black ,be adapted from1983 novel and has been a hit on stage (the film retains the infamously creepy rocking chair scene). Radcliffe – who is 11 then (he is now ) – said to choose it as his The “Not Too Much Reckoning” first character to leave the wizarding world aside from liking the script, though he claims it’s a “pretty good stepping stone”. It was also a huge success, earning $70.70 million and became a in the box office Top British Horror Movie Years.

Eclectic watch faces Kill your baby with in

up a notch , and Alexander Aja’s supernatural black comedy Horn the following year. People are starting to notice Radcliffe’s “interesting” choice. Joe Hill, who wrote the Horns book, wrote on his blog at the time that the actor’s performance “wasn’t like he had ever done. anything” before the screen. ”

The real chin touch moment is here 2016. Radcliffe references his constantly flatulent corpse in Swiss Soldier , starring alongside Paul Dano The Hollywood Reporter’s comment was described as ” Weird Curio” as his favorite character to date. He also noted that there are Swiss Army Following Harry Potter, this might be a bit too big.

“Although I was done by then Equus, so I think that’s a line,” he pointed out. Equus , of course, was him in his Potter in 2010, one that sparked the – year old star full frontal appointment Weird The Al Yankovic Story min. The British press went nuts, and there was enough speculation that he annoyed his studio backers that Warner Bros had to issue a statement saying its team fully supported the art he “made as an actor” Choice”. Radcliffe said at the time that he wanted to “change people’s perceptions of him” and perhaps make them think, “Maybe he could do something other than Harry.

Just a few years later, one of them was “Strange Al” Jankovic himself.

The story goes, the music imitates The King first sees Radcliffe as his potential double, then in Catch him on Gray An episode of The Urm Norton Show . Thanks to his parents Radcliffe, who has been a huge Tom Lehrer fan for years, “In one of the craziest moments of my life One,” sat next to Colin Farrell and Rihanna, singing the humorist and musician’s famous science song “The Elements.” “Al saw the performance, and Al was a big Tom Lehrer fan too. , so that was obviously the first thing that made him think I might get a job,” he said. “So that got me the job.”

Radcliffe’s Career options, as strange, wonderful, and wide-ranging as they may be, are backed by an extremely solid and supportive foundation, one that, he freely admits, few actors enjoy. Quite simply, he’s playing Harry Potter. earning millions of dollars while (towards the end of the franchise, he was one of Hollywood’s highest-paid stars), which puts him in a position of luxury where work is not a financial necessity at all. That is, he can choose Anything that interests or makes him happy, or not choose.

“I have a kind of autonomy and freedom that any actor would die for, and if I don’t use it, I will Feeling stupid,” he explained. Playing “Strange Al” in a movie made for The Roku Channel was probably a special choice for most of the early stars Think carefully about their career trajectories. For Radcliffe, he only knew after reading the script that it was going to be “very interesting”.


) ‘Weird: The Aljankovic Story’
Courtesy Roku Channel 1235215435

There’s a lot of delightful self-awareness, humility and fairness to Radcliffe, in general, old-fashioned friendliness, for someone who’s gone through fame and fortune at such a young age, Such friendliness may be especially admirable. Given that he spent his teenage years in such a high-profile job, and in the Sunday Times Rich List , TV appearances and interviews (including this one , he apologised for being in London so late), he came across as a perfectly decent, thoughtful and polite man, without conceit or arrogance. If someone speaks ill of him, they haven’t said it out loud for anyone to hear.

Radcliffe credits his “great parents and good people around me” for keeping him calm. He also recalled being on the set of the first Harry Potter movie with veteran advertising man Michael Stevenson (Michael Stevenson) Caine) on Michael Caine and his polite nature with his colleagues. “Then I remember talking to a couple of friends about a certain actor they had just worked with and how bad he was with them and what they thought of him. So when you’re young, you see the difference, just Like, do you want to be loved and respected like Michael Caine, or do you want to be someone else?”

In a similar fashion, albeit an almost household name 17 years, Radcliffe managed to stay out of the public eye almost completely. As a globally-renowned teen, paparazzi photographers didn’t get a picture of him falling out of a nightclub at 3am (he did admit it took “a lot of effort” to avoid getting caught, and he spent “most of the time” Pretty “lucky”). In 1978 when he opened up about his views on alcoholism. Late stage of Potter (which he partly blamed on being afraid of not knowing what to do next), And his battle with sobriety, the first time most people have heard of drinking problems. Even now, he spends his time between New York and London and lives with his actor girlfriend of ten years, Erin Darke together (they were in Kill Your Darlings ).

“I think in the years since I was sober, I just didn’t do anything interesting enough,” he said of his ability to avoid too much media attention. “As an actor, I just want to live my life, meet my friends, I just want people The things talked about become works. Radcliffe – perhaps obviously – is not on social media.

One of the rare occasions where he does make headlines outside of work is actually for his role Shows considerable approval.

When JK Rowling tweeted about gender identity in June, don’t get too involved in the ongoing angry debate was flagged as a phobia by some and caused a huge reaction online, Radcliffe 858537 wrote an article for The Trevor Project, a nonprofit organization that develops prevention programs for LGBTQ youth Suicide Hotline. “A trans woman is a woman,” he wrote. “Any statement to the contrary denies the identity and dignity of trans people and goes against all advice provided by professional healthcare associations with expertise on the subject. More than Jo or I. “

Radcliffe said in the years since Harry Potter , he’s starting to realize how many of his fans are “transgender or non-binary or gender-non-gender in some way, and Porter is a big part of that identity. “It is this, plus “I am becoming more aware of the money I have and want to do something useful with it”, which leads him to do Equus in New York. His decision to write this article stemmed from the fans he met and the relationship. “There was a time when I couldn’t look myself in the eye if I had been working with this organization years, I Don’t know what to say.”

But that’s what Radcliffe wanted to talk about. Thankfully, the work has gotten crazy enough to provide many talking points. Next to Weird: The Aljankovic Story and We Roll with Joy , which will be running from November at the New York Theatre Workshop -January17 (in which he sings), and the fourth season of TBS’s anthology series The Miracle Workers , he said the show could be in ” Sweet but really weird” filed under. He said the upcoming episode was “one of the weirdest things I’ve ever done.”

15 years from wishing people would see him do anything but Harry Potter , Radcliffe has managed to make it — and colorfully (and unabashedly) — clear. While he will forever be known for playing the boy with the lightning scar on his forehead, he is also – as he so much wishes – now known as an actor who always makes interesting choices. Whatever his next choices are, these are choices he makes purely because they excite or fascinate him, or just make him laugh. They’ll also be – very likely – very weird (though how he peaks weird remains to be seen).

“I’m lucky because I can pick jobs most of the time now based on what looks interesting,” he said. “It’s like, looks like this is going to be a really fun thing?”



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