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Danny Elfman Settles Sexual Harassment Claims for $830,000 in 2018

Oscar-nominated composer Danny Elfman has settled 2017 previously unknown sexual harassment allegations made by a former friend and fellow composer. Elfman and composer Nomi Abadi agreed to a settlement of 000, $000 in installments over five years.

Details of the settlement were disclosed in a Rolling Stone article and in new court filings by Abadi. In a filing Wednesday in Los Angeles Superior Court, Abadi claimed that Elfman had not paid the settlement in full and filed a lawsuit seeking damages in dollars she says she still owes 000, 000. According to court documents, the money 000, 000 was part of a charitable payment by Elfman and not a personal payment to Abadi.

The Hollywood Reporter has reached out to Eifman’s representatives and Abadi’s attorney.

Abadi, who signed a non-disclosure agreement, did not speak to The Rolling Stones , but the outlet cited a 2017 police report in which she claimed that Eifman repeatedly masturbated in front of her after seeing him in 2017.

Eifman denies sexual harassment of Abadi.

“Ma’am.” Abadi’s allegations are simply not true. I allowed someone to get close to me without knowing that I was her ‘childhood crush’ and that her intent was to destroy my marriage and replace my wife,” Elfman said. I allowed an ill-advised friendship to have far-reaching consequences, and this error of judgment was entirely my fault. I have done nothing indecent or wrong, and my attorney stands ready to prove these allegations wrong with overwhelming evidence. This is my last word on this subject.

Elfman’s long career includes co-productions with Tim Burton on Batman and Edward Scissorhands and Sam Raimi on Spider-Man and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness . ), Good Hunting , Big Fish and Milk were nominated for Oscars.

Abadi is the founder of the Women Composers Safety Alliance, a nonprofit organization for survivors of abuse and harassment in the songwriting field. She started the company in part through a settlement paid by Eifman, according to Rolling Stone. She has previously spoken out about alleged abuse in the community. Speaking at a press conference ahead of the Grammys in February, she said: “Clearly, there is an urgent need to focus on the experiences of survivors of sexual assault in the music industry who have lost their careers because they were abused and silenced. ”



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