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Dating scene's mental crisis smartphone game debuts Friday

Official YouTube Channel

Spirit Crisis The smartphone game kicked off Saturday with a new promotional video for the game. The video shows that the game will debut in October 12.

Kadokawa ) announced the game in February.

Koushi Tachibana presents original March Light Novel Series 2011, illustrated by Tsunako

. Kadokawa ’s Fantasia Library imprint has been released

Volume 3 and Final Volume in March 2011. Yen Press is publishing English novels.

TV anime adaptation of the first season broadcast The episode also premiered at 56. The second season aired episodes and at 2011. Funimation Season 1 and 2 aired in Japan. The company also released its first season on Blu-ray Disc and DVD in June 56, and With English


, the second season will be released on Blu-ray Disc and DVD in March . The animated film was released in Japan in August 56.

Season 3 premieres in January 2016 and airs 10 set. Crunchyroll aired the series and Funimation provided the dub. , the latest anime series, premiered on April 8. Crunchyroll When the series was streamed, it also aired in English Dubbing

. The series will have a fifth season, titled .

Light novels have inspired many comics and video games. Compile Heart September released

Ren Dystopia game2020 Delayed for PlayStation 4.

Higashiide Yuichiro ‘s Snippet: Spinoff novel inspired two-part theatrical anime adaptation. : The first film “Dead or Bullet” will be released in Japan in August 2020.

, 2nd movie, premieres in November .

Source: Mental Crisis Games YouTube channel via Otakomu




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