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'Dave' Breakout Tenea Intriago stars as Stalker opposite Brad Pitt and finds humanity in villains

[This story contains major episodes from Season 3 of Dave Through the ending, “Looking for love.”]

If Dave breakout Tenea Intriago makes her high school basketball team something she (probably) never finds herself hostages Brad Pitt and Lil Dicky on screen FX Comedy’s season finale. 4 feet- The actress said she had always dreamed big, and until then, she had set her sights on WBNA. When she didn’t make the cut, she turned to theater and hasn’t looked back.

“I feel like I was really lucky because I started my Hollywood journey in the South,” Intriago told The Hollywood Reporter . “I moved to New in Orleans and took an acting class. Heard there was a movie going on here, and I booked my first movie that year. So, it was just a slow climb.”

Shot by the guest Claws

, helped her land agency rep, and once she started auditioning for more projects, she got noticed Dave The work of casting director Wendy O’Brien. “Wendy has been in my lucky little corner since I started auditioning for bigger roles,” says Intriago. “She asked me to audition for this and it worked out.”

Intriago plays a superfan named Bella who was approached in the season premiere of Lil Dicky (Dave Burd) had a detailed reconstruction of his head after a performance in Lubbock, Texas. She told him she was trying to break into the business, and he replied, “Let me tell you straight up, things in life are unexpected, okay. Go ahead and try.”

In the finale , we found that moment of encouragement was enough to move her to LA and she was ” Mr.’ production assistant. McAdams” music video, Dave doesn’t recognize her at first, but says “Fuck yeah!” When she reminds him, everything seems to be fine. Later, Bella shows up at his house to return the Hard drive containing Emma’s documentary raw footage) — and video evidence of him faking his own death. Bella demands Using the bathroom as an excuse to get into the house (which later became very obviously she didn’t actually use it) and refused to leave after telling Dave to put her clip on him on the hard drive. “I am the girl you. I was a full-fledged superstar in front of you,” she said, before adding, “You’ll never forget me, ever. …you need to have the opportunity to know me in order to understand my magic. ”

Pete shows up and things escalate. Brief recap: she has a gun, they have a good time, she orders a plaster cast on Instacart, GaTa shows up, Pitt enters the booth and uses Auto-Tune sings, she shoots Dave with his Looking for Love Tour crossbow, and Dave and GaTa escape with the help of said cast, bear mace, and his creepy expensive sex doll.

“At some point it was so ominous,” Intriago said of the episode. “I was like, ‘This is dark.’ ’ very intense and then full of heart. ”

After the finale, Intriago talks to THR) about what it’s like to play scary, complicated characters, How Bird inspires her in real life and why she worries about being too aggressive with Pete on set.

Were you a fan of Dave before this character appeared?

I’ve never heard of Lil Dicky. I’ve never heard of Dave before the audition, in my Never heard of it in life. I don’t know. One of my best friends helped me film my audition and was like “oh Tenea, this show is big. you know that, right? I was like, “I don’t know.” Although I would never tell Dave to his face (laughs).

What did you know this part would go into the audition?

I know she’s a stalker. My audition scene was when Bella showed up at Lil Dicky’s house and tried to sell why she liked him and why she should be famous. Those scenes initially were more romance-centric, more bashing of Robin’s character, as obsession as . I didn’t know the scene was the last episode. I think that’s how characters are generally introduced. I know it could happen again, but I don’t know how specific that is. In our business, you never know. So, I didn’t hold out much hope. I’m just grateful for this job.

How does it feel to be there?

excellent. That was really the time of my life, like the most affirming and effective experience I’ve ever had. My first day on set was the scene where Bella gave Dave a bust. Dave and I have been playing. We improvised for a long time, just being little fools, it felt like summer camp. Then, when I went back to the finale, it was magical for obvious reasons.

When will you see the full script of the finale and find out how crazy it really is?

About six days ago, a producer called me and said, “Have you sat down yet?” I know I’ll be back, but I don’t know why or to what extent. He’s like, “Well, here’s what’s happening: Brad Pitt is going to be with Dickie in together, and you’re taking them hostage.” I was like, “What?!” I couldn’t believe it. I pace. I am a walker. I only had the Brad Pitt scene that day, and then when I got to L.A., I got the whole [script].

What is shooting like the finale?

I was there for about three weeks. The most challenging part is that it’s really hard to shoot at night. In my personal life, I’m a mother, so it’s been tough. The most exciting part is the characters. It’s an actor’s dream to be able to perform comedy, drama, and horror and all those different aspects of being meaty and juicy for a very complex individual. I also really felt in the space of the set. My dog ​​died while I was there and that was really hard. Everyone just hugs me and makes sure I’m okay. It was truly the warmest, craziest, most chaotic experience. I’m so grateful, but still can’t believe it happened.

How would you describe your personality?

Oh my God. You want me to extrapolate my feelings that the way millennials consume media is detrimental to their mental health, and celebrity obsession is detrimental to millennials’ mental health? I always, especially with complex people, try not to defend their bad behavior but their humanity. I think Bella is a victim of that culture, of what it means to be a millennial right now. And, unfortunately, it makes her a very dangerous person who doesn’t rationalize her dreams in a way that doesn’t hurt those around her or herself.

What was it like to shoot Brad Pitt with a crossbow?

First of all, he is a champion. Such a soldier, he was there much longer than he had to. too crazy. What was harder for me to do was put a gun to his head. I hate guns even knowing they are props and not real. Just being aggressive with him, I said, “Are you ok? If you’re ok, you’ve got to tell me.” My mom mode kicked in and I had to be sure. I was worried that I was being really rude because I was really scrappy. I’m only 4 feet-, so I feel like whenever I do physical activity, I have to compensate a lot with aggression. So, I was worried about him, but he was a soldier.

Do you feel that Brad, one of the most famous actors on the planet, and Dave, who created the show you are putting on, are opposite each other? pressure?

Kind of weird. I didn’t feel the pressure until after it was over. Shocked by what I’ve just done, I suddenly realize that little Tenea has to live out her dreams – and, adult Tenea has to live her dreams too. My first day of filming was the shower scene where I put casts on Dave and Brad. That was also Brad’s first day. I remember when Brad arrived on set, I heard him ask who the actress who played Bella was so he could introduce himself. Since then, I’ve been really relieved, as excited as he and I are to be here. So, I don’t feel the pressure of the way we [usually] define it. I want to do it justice because I fell in love with Dave as much as America. He’s a brilliant man with a lot of compassion and heart, and I really want to pay homage to him, but I’m not pressured. I’m not overwhelmed. I’m so excited to be there and to work with Brad Pitt and Dave.

Rachel McAdams and Dave Burd embrace

Rachel McAdams (as herself) and Dave Burd in the Season 3 finale. Byron Cohen/FX

Are you worried that others will be afraid of you after seeing it? You are terrible.

Yes. In the last few shows I’ve been in, I’ve played really bad people, or really horribly complicated people. My last guest star was playing a sex-trafficked girl in FBI . That’s my record. I play these very complicated people. I get into that box a lot. I suppose because I’m small and unassuming, you don’t think I’d imprison you in my own house. That’s not the vibe I give off – at least I hope not.

It’s definitely a whole different vibe talking to you after seeing you in that role. When did you decide to become an actor?

Oh my God. How can I shorten this story? I played basketball years. I thought this was what I was going to do. During my freshman year of high school, I moved out of state to Jacksonville, Florida, and tried out for the basketball team. I didn’t make it, and that Thursday was tryouts for the school play. I did it in junior high, and a drama teacher told me, “Tenea, I really think you should do all the acting.” But I was like, “No, I’m going to be the shortest woman in the WNBA. That’s I do! Anyway, I auditioned for the school play and got the lead. I haven’t looked back since. Being an actor is the most engaging and purposeful feeling.

I’ve been thinking about this since high school. I wanted to go to college for it, but I grew up poor. I did get a grant to go to this community college at Florida State College in Jacksonville , the college has a great theater program. I was running 1500 Volkswagen Beetle, it broke down on the way to my first rehearsal. It’s my responsibility to maintain the car, I can’t figure out how to fix it and go to school. So, I dropped out, But I was thinking about acting every day until I moved to New Orleans and decided to put my toes in the pool. The whole experience was really positive and I at least knew it was still what I was supposed to be doing. When I wanted to give it all up I can go back there.

What else do you want people to know about you?

I really value what I do and I’m proud of the actor I am. I hope the right people see this and that I can do more. Just Like this. I’m ready to work. I’ve been doing it for a long time. Ever since doing Dave – I hope he’ll accept me using that word – since and After Dave became a good friend, he really turned me on and touted me as an actor. I felt like I was truly capable of anything because of him and his trust in me. I am so grateful for the opportunity to play Bella.

All three seasons of Dave are currently streaming on Hulu .



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