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'Dave' Season 3 Finale: Dave Bird and GaTa Talk Guest Stars, Stalkers, and Self-Love

[This story contains Dave Season 3 main episodes Through the ending, “Looking for love.”]

If you are Dave And you haven’t seen the ending yet, turn back now. If you read spoilers before you see them, you’re robbing yourself of a twisty, tense thrill ride. If you’re not already a fan of Dave, read on because this might be just what you need to add the show to your

Hulu queue.

With this, the Season 3 finale begins with Lil Dicky (Dave Burd) in bed with Rachel McAdams, who played a three-episode arc herself. They giggled and talked about their first love before McAdams asked, “Are we crazy?” Dave replied, “I don’t know, but if it means being crazy with you, I’d be crazy a million times” before being revealed as “Mr.” McAdams” music video shoot. In another scene with McAdams, Lil Dicky raps, “Maybe I’m your Brad Pitt “, the real Brad Pitt pokes his head out.

It’s a “Ha! They had Brad Pitt comeo! ’ For a moment—except, it’s not. He’s actually one of the episode’s main characters, playing a version of himself who’s considering exploring music and coming to Dave’s house to record, only to be held hostage by a stalker. After shooting Looking for Love Tour-branded arrows from the crossbow Lil Dicky used as a stage prop, the actor gave Dave sage advice about loving yourself instead of chasing approval.In Dave’s GaTa, some bear mace After escaping superfans with the help of his $7 sex doll 100 sex doll, the episode cuts to him intertwining his core on a plane An update montage of a circle member and a voiceover of a message he wrote to someone.

“A wise man once told me that until you can love yourself, you will not be able to love Anyone,” Dave said. “It’s you. It’s always been you. ’ All signs point to his ex-girlfriend Robin – including elephants roaming somewhere in West Africa as Dave emerges from the van with his luggage, a tribute to what she almost accepted for him as a birthday present A nod to the gift – but no. It’s Drake.

Before the finale, Burd and GaTa discussed with The Hollywood Reporter whether Dave was actually looking for love, and how they got it ‘s trio*) guest stars in this episode , and why stalkers reflect “endless ambition”.

Well, let’s start with a question I never thought to ask: did Brad Pitt survive being shot in the chest with a crossbow or did he die in Dave Universe?

Burd: There was a lot of debate about how to play it. We even filmed a few versions of this outcome with Drake, and we were talking things like “oh, he’s dead” and “no, he’s alive”. Every one of our One iteration is within reach, but I chose to make it a little blurry. For me, as a viewer, if you look closely as the paramedics run in, you’ll see Brad’s hand go up and start to cock Thumbs up. So, I think it shows that Brad is going to live on.

What do you think this says about Dave The experience is a direct result of his fame , Brad Pitt warned him of the dark side of superstardom, he doubled down and chose to go after Drake instead of Robin.

Burd: What a turning point, huh? I wanted to do something surprising. Not to oversimplify, but every season we do To move toward this big decision. Am I going to do the right thing or the wrong thing? In seasons one and two, I did some things right, and in season three we were like, “What if he’s doing it wrong what to do? ’ We in the writers room called it Fame: The Dark Side. That being said, it’s a little bit more complicated than that. It’s not just about throwing love away, I didn’t learn anything the whole episode. I was looking for love all season long ,I learned through this experience with Brad Pitt that as much as my character is confident in his own greatness, there is clearly a huge void in his soul that needs that kind of validation. Before you truly love yourself and make up for yourself How can you possibly accept another person’s love before the emptiness? I see it as letting Robin go instead of letting her know that as much as I would love to find love, I haven’t and I’m not ready. This kind of Awareness was at the heart of the final decision. I think I learned my lesson and realized I wasn’t at that level. So, in the meantime, I’m going to Drake.

GaTa, besides Lil Dicky, you have been very focused on building your profile for a lot of this season. In the end, it shows that you are doing something big for your mom. Was that always the goal? Or Caused by being involved in a hostage incident at Dave’s house?

GaTa: Taking care of my family is definitely my goal because I’m adopted, you know. As I said on the show, my mom is really my aunt. So, I’ve been working on it Taking care of my family, whatever it is.Whether I’m trying to improve my mental health or going on Nut Haus to win a million bucks, it’s all about It’s true for me, my mom, and my family because they take good care of me, that’s all I know. So, I always have to hold it down for the dukes.

What do you think about the dying crossbow sequence?

GaTa: It was such a great scene. I didn’t expect this to be the case. I was like, “Wow, this is crazy. We got Brad Pitt to use autotune on Pro Tools, and we’re going to kill the guy? I still can’t believe it. It’s surreal to even talk about it, like we have Brad Pitt doing all these things. too crazy.

Much of this show is drawn from your life, Dave. Was the whole stalker thing somehow inspired by real interactions with fans?

Burd: Thankfully, no. No, I’ve never encountered that situation.

GaTa: But you have followers.

Bird: I don’t have a stalker.

GaTa: Nobody getting off at Taco Bell?

Burd: I have fans who leave things at my house, you know, likes. There’s nothing like this. The stalker (Tenea Intriago) in this episode does a fantastic job and honestly kind of steals the show. She doesn’t even have to be a fan of mine on the show to understand. She is like a mirror that reflects that you have endless ambitions and you will stop at nothing to make your dreams come true. Just like my role, GaTa’s role, we’ve been doing everything we can to achieve these goals. When it goes too far, she’s like a mirror 100. I thought it was a really cool way to weave into the theme of the season, and it was like a sick, distorted mirror standing upright in front of me. I want people to empathize. If Dave wasn’t a famous rapper, and he happened to be at Drake’s house, maybe he’d have left something on Drake’s computer. I want people to see both sides of the coin.

How did the three guests, Rachel McAdams, Brad Pitt and Drake, come together?

Burd: People keep asking “You How did you do that?” That really speaks to the greatness of the show, and all three of them are big fans of the show. Everyone who worked on the show should feel like they got Brad, Rachel, and Drake. The reason we got them is because they loved the first two seasons of the show. I had never met Rachel or Brad before. I hear they both like gossip. It’s a bit reckless to host an entire three-episode arc with Rachel McAdams and host the entire finale on Brad Pitt, but it doesn’t get much better for the subject we’re talking about. What better representation of hopeless romanticism and love than Rachel McAdams, who is like our generation’s dream woman, in a movie that totally defines my interpretation of what love should be? Same with Brad Pitt. Who better to teach you a lesson about fame and recognition than star of all stars, Brad Pitt? Drake is like a mountaintop when it comes to music and rappers. I met Drake and he pulled me aside and told me this show was one of the most important shows of our generation and I knew he was a fan.

With them, my writers room was like, “It’s kind of crazy that you put all your eggs in these baskets, because what if they say no ?” These guys don’t even do TV. Drake hasn’t done TV since Degrassi. I honestly think this show could be overlooked. It’s an objectively good show once you sit down and watch it. These validate our show like the greatest stars of our time. The people who make this show take great pride, and everyone on set has that sense of purpose during the days that these guys are on set. Everyone who makes the show loves the movies and the storytelling. When these people come on board and are as worthy of our talents and our time as you do, we are at the top of our craft. For Brad to take guidance from me and trust me like I know, just like he trusted [Quentin] Tarantino and the Coen Brothers, it’s been incredibly rewarding, and it’s something I’ll always something not to forget.

GaTa, how have your on-screen characters grown this season?

GaTa: On-screen growth for me very cool. I’ve always been able to share real stories and channel my past emotions and traumas to bring up current topics like sex addiction and being in group discussions, struggling with too many women, having two girls fight over me, etc. Awesome, I love the welcome I get on TV shows. It has brought me many opportunities. I went to Australia to do a movie with Sydney Sweeney. The growth has been phenomenal. I can showcase my talent, my passion, my drive, and I can promote my brand with my best friends. This is everything I want. I always wanted to work hard, be recognized, be able to chase my dreams, plant seeds and share my story. I do this with television at the highest level. I had Brad Pitt, Drake, Rachel McAdams, Don Cheadle watching. Let’s not forget Don Cheadle.

Never, that episode was crazy. Speaking of seeding, there was a montage at the end that seemed to foreshadow where everyone was headed. To the extent that you can talk about it, how do you see the future of this group?

Burd: People keep saying, “You’ll How do you move forward? Like what can you do next?” I think there’s a sense of finality to it because of the story told and the epic story of the stars who tell it, but I don’t see it that way. Let’s just say I really have a pretty good plan for how to go from here. I can’t really share it, but I’ve got it planned out and I’m not intimidated. After the first season, I was like, “How am I going to be on top of the last season?” And then we ended the second season, and I was like, “How am I going to be on top of the last season?” Now, I don’t feel that way The degree of dread, because this time I have a vision.

When you talk to people who haven’t seen the show, what episode do you recommend for them to get started with? Was it the pilot or someone else?

Bird: I think the pilot is the best on the show Is it a good episode? Absolutely not, but I’m a big believer in watching shows in order. So, if you ask me, I’d say start with the first episode. But if I’m in a room with Jay-Z and he’s never seen the show and I have an episode to show him, I might show him the ending at this point. If we took that off the table, maybe I’d show Rick Rubin episode 9 when I went to his house last year. That episode gave me a lot of confidence. It was an unconventional episode of Dave, and I did a huge tonal swing with a completely different vibe, and it was very successful. That gave me confidence, and then this season was like, we’re going on tour, and each episode is its own short and its own genre.

I think my proudest part of this season isn’t even necessarily a celebrity cameo, but each episode has its own totally different tone and vibe. We do all the handheld stuff in Philly. Then we were in a hurricane and it was like a horror event. Then we roam the desert like an epic legend. And then we’re doing something that’s rooted in documentary. And then we’re doing some fucking thriller with Brad Pitt. I don’t know how many other shows out there can do something completely different every week, and that’s the one I’m most proud of.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity. All three seasons of

Dave are currently on Hulu play. 100



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