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David Harbour says he lost more than 75 pounds for Stranger Things 4

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One of the most memorable moments 1 Stranger Things 4 , amid a slew of twists and shocking revelations, is Hopper in Joey The scene of undressing in front of him, the audience saw the enormous damage to his body caused by the recent events. Losing weight is both a plot point of the season – if you’re in the gulag for a few months, you lose weight – and an unfortunate joke at times, but for David Harbour, who plays him, it’s a big deal

“When I take off my shirt, I want to show this body hardened by this prison, you know, a more brutal but also thinner , and no one to eat,” he explained in a recent Instagram Live, where he discussed his 75-pound weight loss with coach and physical therapist David Higgins.

Harbour recalls that he suffered a ruptured Achilles tendon in 2019, which made training extremely difficult, especially with all the stunts he was doing During work Black Widow . “I’m in pain…I just feel like I’m an old guy,” he said. “I was 44 years old and I thought it was all over.”

It was on the set of

Black Widow , who meets Higgins and together they develop a plan to help Harbour overcome his injury and get back in shape before filming season 4 Stranger Things , imagine a skinny, boxer-like physique. “I’m a bear with a bull-like physique,” Harbour said. “The idea that I’m going to be some skinny heavyweight is crazy to me.”

In the first few days During the week, Higgins had Hubble focus on simple mobility and activation exercises to help him overcome some knee issues that made the workout difficult. He then started kettlebell exercises and introduced steady state cardio in his daily life. “It does add up,” he said. “It was some simple things I continued to do that had an impact.”

Nutritionally, Harbour started intermittent fasting. “It’s a fad diet of the moment, but it does work for me,” he says. “It’s not about what I eat, it’s about how I eat, which is so much better for my lifestyle because I don’t cook and all these fitness guys are like ‘you have to steam chicken breasts and veggies and a little Rice, ‘That’s not how I feel. However, I do find that because I’m really big, it’s easy to lose weight.”

“First there is health, then aesthetics, such as how you look, and then how you feel, I think Sometimes they are the same, sometimes they are very different,” Harbour continued. “My whole relationship with my body has changed…I feel like I can trust the machine more and I can do things…It’s those little things I’m grateful for. I don’t have hip and knee pain anymore because I’ve strengthened to my core. These are the things that are truly priceless.”

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