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David Nevins' next step: Peter Chernin's North Road CEO

After six months on the sidelines, David Nevins has found his next act.

Ex-Showtime owner will become North Road Company , CEO of Peter Chernin Global Content Studio, owns his Chernin Entertainment( Ford v. Ferrari ) and Red Arrow Studios and Red Arrow Studios US Asset Text + Graphics. This independent agency officially launched a year ago this month with off-the-cuff content from Kinetic Content ( Love Is Blind ), Left and Right Productions ( Circus 1235314411) and 300 blue (Wahlburgers), as well as the International Division focusing on global acquisitions and co-productions.

According to Chernin, Nevins is the embodiment of “quality,” which is what he and the company are striving for. In his new role, Nevins is expected to oversee North Road’s expanding product portfolio, working closely with the leaders of each division, while Chernin continues as the company’s Chief Financial Officer. executive chairman. It’s unclear how Nevins will be involved in the day-to-day creative operations. “We have really powerful people running their businesses, and I’m going to help in any way I can, thinking about big picture business decisions and acquisitions,” Nevins said, who plans to spend a lot of time supervising that as part of his job . Called the “acquisition hunting” process.

In an exit interview at

late last year, Nevins said that, despite the drastic changes, he did not rule out another The possibility of a company performance In the entertainment industry, he is actively exploring more entrepreneurial paths. During half a year of his tenure, he reportedly made more than $3 billion in takeover bids, backed by private equity firm General Atlantic. He was ultimately rejected by his former company and decided to merge Showtime into Paramount+. While Nevins declined to discuss his failed acquisition, he acknowledged the exercise allowed him to “experience what’s possible in the capital markets and what’s possible for someone with a lot of money.”

North Road Certainly in the latter category, Chenin noted that the company has “hundreds of millions of dollars in the bank, which makes it a good financial partner.” In fact, to bolster its capital reserves, North Road acquired up to 300 million dollars in funding and received $1 million from on the Apollo launch Debt financing with additional US$ million in January from the Qatar Investment Authority . By May, it had acquired a stake in Peyton Manning’s sports production venture, Omaha Productions. The following month, North Road acquired the Turkish film and television company Karga Seven Pictures.

While Nevins concedes that “it’s a weird time, no question,” given the industry is in the throes of a massive shutdown, Chenin isn’t worried . In his view, the strike will end, whether this month or later this year, and the market is ripe for entities like theirs. “The industry is in the midst of massive change, and the big players, with the possible exception of Netflix, are all under tremendous pressure right now – creative pressure and Financial pressure – I think now is the best time for a really high-quality, trustworthy, well-funded company,” Chernin said. “I think now is a good time to think about buying something else to help us build, as we did with Karga Seven, and it’s a good time to build organically. Disruptive change. Lord knows I’ve seen a lot over the years, and I think David has seen a lot.”

Until recently, Nevins worked with traditional media buyers for a dozen years , now Paramount Worldwide. After a merger and a series of reorganizations, he eventually became Chairman and CEO of Paramount Premium Group, and Chief Creative Officer of Paramount + Scripted Series (except for Yellowstone Creator Taylor Sheridan, a admittedly vague and clumsy title. Despite his tenure was a huge success, with programming including hits “Homeland,” Ray Donovan and Billions etc., and multiple promotions, which he admits on departure that his autonomy has been reduced in recent years Come on, he “never really got the [approved] powers over Paramount+.”

Still, Chernin suggested Nevins brought an awesome job to the new venture. CV and a thick portfolio of business cards, not to mention his reputation for producing shows efficiently — especially at a time when the competition is struggling. Spending huge sums of money.” No one likes to write about this, nor No one believes you are responsible. In fact, everyone writes the opposite, which is “This thing costs $85 million dollars or whatever,” but one of the things David deserves credit for is that he’s always been very budget conscious,” Chernin said, reiterating the Nevins A case he made for himself last December. He’s doing it again now, adding: “As a producer I’ve always been very efficient and I know what it’s like to sit on those buying chairs under budget pressure , you have to make your bet work, so I think we’re very accountable and attractive to the platform.”

Nevins first-time NBC show executive He came to prominence at s when he was part of the team that developed Juggernaut, including ER1235314411 and The West Wing. He left Fox for a brief stint, where he first worked with Chenin had a career path before moving to Ron Howard and Brian Grazer’s Imagine Entertainment, where Nevins worked on shows like “Friday Night” 123528319930 and other project lighting and Arrested Development . Now, at North Road, he is back on the seller side, where he will Overseeing a business with over 85 active productions including Netflix’s Rez Ball, feature on Native American basketball teams from Reservation Dogs’ Sterling Sterlin Harjo, Jamie Foxx/Cameron Dian Movie Return to Action 1235314411 and Apple TV+’s upcoming historical miniseries War Chief , created and starring Jason Momoa. He said he was eager to get involved.

“My take is that there’s a lot of challenge and pain everywhere in the industry right now, but there’s no real solution to the problem.” A question of demand. Audiences are hungry and people want new shows and new movies,” Nevins said. “So we have to figure out how to deliver them in a more efficient way and get artists paid for their success. One of the things I’m really looking forward to at North Road is to help figure out that pattern in a way that works for artists, vendors, and platforms. “



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