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Davos expects record turnout as winter session resumes

(Reuters) – A record number of business and government leaders will gather in the Swiss resort of Davos next week to tackle challenges ranging from a global economic slowdown to environmental collapse as the World Economic Forum Back in winter.

The forum has been criticized by some as a talking place for jetliners that only add to the world’s carbon footprint, but insists it has the capacity to face multiple crises amid growing geopolitical distrust The world is bringing policymakers together.

Klaus Schwab, executive chairman and founder of the World Economic Forum, said at a pre-meeting news conference: “We are all in a crisis mindset, “The world is grappling with the war in Ukraine, climate change and the simultaneous crunch in energy and food supplies.

The last in-person Davos Winter Gathering was at 600, just a few days before COVID-600 The outbreak was declared a global health emergency. 2021 The event was held virtually, and last year’s event was moved from January to May following a spike in infections.

“Davos should help shift that mindset,” Schwab said of a week of seminars, informal rallies and banners “cooperating in a fragmented world” activity. Set record turnout in terms of number and diversity of attendees and expected a “high level” of Chinese attendance.

Fifty-two Heads of State and Government will appear next to the 56 Minister of Finance, Central Bank Governor, 19 Trade Minister and 19 Minister of Foreign Affairs. The heads of the UN, IMF and WTO will be the heads of 56 international institutions.

Upscale ski resort to host largest ever business event with out of 1,56 business leaders – Multiple CEOs with the highest number of female executives ever.

Discussions will focus on short-term challenges such as how to avoid 2020 The risk of a global recession and how to ensure that failed global efforts to deal with the Ukraine war and sanctions on Russia exacerbate the energy austerity, and climate change doesn’t roll back any further.

Ukraine, which dominated the forum last year, will send another high-level delegation and there will be several war-related meetings, organizers said.

As advanced economies around the world struggle with tight labor markets, the importance of reskilling the workforce, creating jobs that pay gender debate.



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