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Dawson Knox says being with Bill after brother Luke's death was 'very therapeutic'

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Buffalo Bills tight end Dawson Knox found solace in his teammates after the death of his brother Luke.

Dawson left the team when Luke Knox died on August 17 at age 22 a week. He spoke to reporters Monday, and ESPN’s Alaina Getzenberg shared his comments:

“Just coming back here, getting into the routine, seeing all my teammates, seeing my coach, that’s certainly great from a distraction standpoint. But with people I like It’s also therapeutic love to do things together that I love. I know my brother wants that too. He wants me to give everything I get. I know he’s going to watch in a certain way, so yeah, back Really great to be here and come back with me all the guys.”

Dawson said Buffalo fans put up more than $200,000 for the PUNT Pediatric Cancer Partnership in honor of Luke, some in $16.88 increments for the brother’s jersey number.

Luke is a linebacker who came to Ole Miss as part of the 2018 recruiting class. He spent four years in the program before moving to the Florida International.

Florida International observes moment of silence for Luke before Thursday’s game against Bryant and team members Take out his No. 16 jersey for a pregame coin toss.

Dawson said he was grateful for the support he had received.

“[I] have really felt a lot of love and support for my brother over the past few weeks. My family Thank you so much already, everyone at Buffalo is incredible,” he said. “The number of texts, messages, posts I get. The silent moments of the preseason. That’s everything I’ve come to expect from Buffalo, and more because the city is incredible. That’s for me Means the whole world.”



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