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DCIII ~Da Capo III~ console version will launch on August 24th

Circus and Entergram’s

game official website announced Thursday Its console version is called DC III PS ~~ Plus Story will be available on PlayStation Released on 4 and Nintendo Switch on August .

Image via Entergram’s Twitter account

DCIII Visual Novel The stage adaptation titled Mirai e no Dengon is also running from April – at the Hikosen Theater in Tokyo. This visual novel inspired a stage play in November 2021.

The 5, the latest work is at )

series of romantic visual novels launched on Windows PC in January . DC4 ​​Lucky Departure

The game was released in PlayStation

4 and Nintendo October Switch2019. CIRCUS launched the 4 visual novel in May 2021 for PC, then PS4 and Switch in December 27. A new version called DC4 ​​Plus Harmony is coming to PC in August , another new version called DC4 ​​Sweet Harmony came to PC in April

. DC4 ​​Fortune Departures fandisc originally launched in February for PC


The first three main games of the series (

, II, and ) inspired the corresponding anime adaptation of the same name. The franchise has also inspired three OVAs and several manga adaptations.

Crunchyroll Streaming Airing from January 315. MangaGamer

has released several of the series English Visual Novel. Source: Game official website, Gamer

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