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Dead Mount Death Play ‒ Episode 10

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Dead Mountain Death Game?

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fyz1qnyaeaag5y7 fyz1qnyaeaag5y7fyz1qnyaeaag5y7 Rare case of fan service actually boosting the story told.
let Let’s talk about the shower scene – because while it may be fan service, it’s also the most important part of the episode from a narrative and character standpoint. Misaki becomes a killer as she both learns about her parents’ killer and kills him. She specifically targeted other killers – assassins who somehow went off the rails and became cumbersome. It’s an attempt to maintain some sort of moral high ground. She could kill these people and revel in their deaths. She could feel the dark joy of her parents’ murderer committing the crime without even needing to feel a tinge of guilt about it. After all, they killed “good guys” and she didn’t. She killed the murderers of her parents. The looming problem could no longer be resolved. Is there any difference between her and the assassin she killed – she and the man who killed her parents? Can she kill a “good” person as easily as she kills a “bad” person? So she accepts the contract to kill Polka, and discovers that she can. This moment, in her mind, had been confirmed. She is as bad as those she kills. So there’s only one evil assassin left to kill: herself. Of course, Polka’s “survival” and her resurrection have muddied the waters. But what really gets Misaki into trouble is that the real Polka is able to do something she never dreamed possible: forgive the murderer who wronged him. Misaki has spent her life seeking revenge. The real Polka forgave her in just a few days. What’s more, he’s actively putting himself between her and his angry father — even though he’s now inside a destructible taxidermy shark. She didn’t feel much when she killed Polka. Now, however, she’s facing something she never did when she killed the bad guy: guilt. Not only did she know she was wrong, she felt it. It is eating her. However, the real Polka has absolved her of all her sins – letting it pass in ways she cannot comprehend. That’s why she laughed at Rozan when they told him the truth about Polka. This is also the reason why she is close to Sha Ye now. Body, Misaki confronts Sayo with the dark truth that she is the real polka killer. She does this when Sayo is at his most helpless – taking a shower naked. She even brought in the veritable murder weapon. She wants Sayo to be as emotionally unbalanced as possible. In that case, Saya would most likely be angry – giving her the punishment she deserved, but not by the real Polka or Polka’s father. But Sayo saw right through Misaki in an instant—what she wanted and why. Perhaps, in revenge for what Misaki did to the real Polka, Saya did the thing that hurt Misaki the most: she also forgave Misaki. Sayo won’t give Misaki an easy way out. Instead, she’s doing nothing but forcing Misaki to find a way to atone for her sins. No one will tell her what she needs to do to atone for the sins she has committed. If she’s going to find out, she’ll need a type of personal growth unlike any Misaki has faced before. But there is hope. After all, revenge isn’t the only way a person can pay for his crimes. Rating: Random thought: • In summary, if Sayo turns out to be the client who hired Misaki to kill Polka, I have no doubt that Misaki killed her on the spot in that shower. fyz1qnyaeaag5y7 fyz1qnyaeaag5y7• The Grocer Was Right: Proven Estimates From Another World Enchanted Worth half the life of Phantom Solitaire in his eyes . I guess that means anyone other than our pair of X-Files cops could actually be a traitor. • This week I learned that, obviously, and not in the same world


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