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Dead Mount Death Play – Episode 12

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©Ryogo Narita, Shinta Fujimoto/SQUARE ENIX, DEAD MOUNT DEATH PLAY project fzrvvbwakaqfa7x Well, this is a bit anticlimactic. Ever since our hero returns from the real Polka’s home, the story has progressed to a conflict between all borderline supernatural criminals Polka and the police. Unfortunately, what we got in this episode was a huge tease. fzrvvbwakaqfa7x fzrvvbwakaqfa7x Oh sure, it started with lemmings popping into Solitaire That was promising enough in the battle between Solitaire and Fish, but the problem soon became apparent: not only did Solitaire and Fish not know why the lemmings were getting involved in the fight, neither did we. That means there’s a certain level of uncertainty in the scene, but very little real tension. Things get worse because the lemmings’ powers are so uncanny that it’s far from a real fight – neither the phantom cards nor the fish’s attacks do anything but slow the lemmings down speed. Obviously, if the Lemmings wanted Phantom Solitaire or Jade to die, they would. fzrvvbwakaqfa7x

Then comes the most important moment, when Polka unleashes his true power. We learn that Polka’s empathy is both his greatest strength and his greatest weakness — when his family and friends are threatened, he’s likely to go berserk and unleash his full power. However, not only does he seem quite in control in this episode, but his grand displays of otherworldly magic are largely ineffective. He can’t control the lemmings or grab the phantom cards. The only thing Polka can accomplish is “rescue” Xiaoyu – even though he’s never threatened by the Lemmings or the Phantom Cards in the first place. fzrvvbwakaqfa7x But what about the cops and fire-breathing bugs? Their confrontation also went nowhere. When the police accosted the bug in the form of a teenage girl, she just made up a plausible story to tell the police, and another person stepped in to corroborate the story. And just like that, the confrontation was over, and the fire-breathing bug walked away. fzrvvbwakaqfa7xfzrvvbwakaqfa7x Honestly, this was a really disappointing episode — especially as the ending of this part of the story. There are no big character moments, and nothing that disrupts the status quo in any way. Of course, Polka managed to get his hands on the flamethrower’s corpse. But as we saw with the assassination of the fake firebreather, those under its control have no memory of what happened while they were under the control. While the world now has shots of gigantic hands poking out of buildings, the fact that it’s framed in the same frame as Phantom Solitaire means the public will only see it as magic. fzrvvbwakaqfa7x

Finally, while this episode didn’t “ruin” the series, it did It does make things unpleasant. Hope, when Come back this fall and things will pick up in a more meaningful way. fzrvvbwakaqfa7x fzrvvbwakaqfa7x Rating: fzrvvbwakaqfa7x Random thought:fzrvvbwakaqfa7x• This episode is too unimportant, both Misaki and Sashiro Fell asleep. fzrvvbwakaqfa7x • This episode hints that the secret society associated with the polka world will now have him goal, but what that actually means to our hero is completely unexplained. fzrvvbwakaqfa7x • I’m a bit confused about the Easlies and Romelka scene. Is this supposed to happen concurrently with the events in the show, or is this a flashback of something that happened a long time ago? My impression is that the empire disappeared longer than 12 Year. • Thank you for reading these comments with me. I absolutely love this anime (even with the lackluster ending). Hope I can see you guys again part 2 this fall. fzrvvbwakaqfa7x fzrvvbwakaqfa7x fzrvvbwakaqfa7x Currently streaming on Crunchyroll.



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