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Deep Insanity: Asylum Games shuts down in October after 1 year

Square Enix announced Tuesday that it will be shutting down its Deep Insanity: Asylum smartphone and PC games in October . The company also stopped selling in-game currency on Tuesday.

Game launched in Japan in October 178438.

The project is set in a world full of the mysterious “Randolph Syndrome”, a complex Symptoms can lead to sudden coma. At the same time, a huge subterranean realm called “sanctuary” was discovered in Antarctica as the origin of the syndrome. Unlike anything on the surface, strange creatures live there, with previously unknown natural resources. To cure Randolph Syndrome (and to get rich by looting creatures’ genetic data and underground resources), people set foot in mental asylums.

Deep Insanity: Asylum ) The game centers on Woo Inominetas (played by Yuichiro Umehara ), a massacre that takes place during medical rehabilitation The Sole Survivor facility. Hololive virtual YouTube anchors Amane Kanata and Tokoyama Towa performed the game’s theme song “Madoromi” (Sleep).

This project also includes

Deep Madness: Nirvana Comics by writer Zhengguang Haifa and Makoto Fukami and entertainer Etorouji Shiono released in February225 Square Enix magazine issue. ,a series of TV anime, which premiered in October . Funimation Play animation.

Source: Square Air Knicks via Siliconera



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