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'Degrassi' revival scrapped on HBO Max

School on HBO Max : The streamer ruined its planned revival Degrassi .

Like many other projects, the Degrassi revival is Warner Bros. found victims of post-merger layoffs. The show received a series order in January 1235074628 ), a few months before Discovery and WarnerMedia finally merged.

WildBrain owns the Degrassi franchise and is preparing to produce the same new series as its predecessor. According to the show’s main line, They will follow students and teachers at elite schools who “live in the shadow of events that both bind and tear them apart”. Lara Azzopardi (The Bold Type) and Julia Cohen (Riverdale, A Million Little Things) was chosen as the host of the show. (Cohen is also the host of the ABC mid-season drama The company you raised .)

As part of the deal, HBO Max also acquired Season of Degrassi: The Next Generation from 1235203426 start-15. The episodes are still streaming.

Warner Bros. Discovery has made several cuts to programming aimed at children and families in recent months, including canceled Gordita Chronicles and animated series Little Ellen on HBO Max And removed several library series and hundreds old episodes of Sesame Street from streaming. When it canceled Gordita Chronicles in late July, HBO Max said in a statement, “Reality kids and family shows won’t be the future.”

WBD also infamously scrapped a finished product Batgirl movie premiering on HBO Max , JJ Abrams expensive HBO series Demimonde and has fired dozens of employees as it seeks billions of dollars in cost savings post-merger. The Wall Street Journal , which first reported de Grassi’s cancellation , also noted that the company shelved the animated Charlotte’s Web miniseries co-produced by Sesame Studios.

WBD CEO David Zaslav defended the cuts on the company’s quarterly earnings call on Thursday: “We’re not on a platform that’s doing us any favors. show off,” he said. Going forward, Zaslav vowed to “replace these shows with content that has the opportunity to be more successful and have a larger audience.”



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