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Dekoboko Majo no Oyako Jijō TV Anime's First Promotional Video Reveals More Cast, Crew, October Debut

Piroya‘s TV animation staff(The Family Situation of the Unbalanced Witch) manga debuted on Saturday with the anime’s first promotional video and first key visual. The video announces more cast members, key crew and the October premiere of the animation.

©ピロヤ・COMIC Miteou/でこぼこ Witch Production Committee

The newly announced cast members are:

dekobokoTakaya Hashi

as Phoenix

  • Romi Park as Lyradekoboko

    Kana Hanazawa provides narration. Masahiro Takata (, ) is directing animationA-Real and point the sound at Saber link . GyroKnuckle is responsible for the series script, and Miwa Yoshida

    (key animation,) is designing the character. Risa Arai is designing props, Risa Nakamura

    as colorist. Masaaki Kawaguchi is the art director, Masato Makino is the photography compositing director.

    Masaki Utsunomiya

    (dekoboko Zero-G) is editing. Musician myu is composing the soundtrack.

    ©ピロヤ・COMIC Miteou/でこぼこ Witch Production Committee
  • Nana Mizuki as Viola (pictured above right), and Aoi Koga as Alissa (left Picture) ). This hilarious comedy centers on Alissa, a witch who lives alone in the forest. One day, she finds a human baby and names her Viola. Alissa raises Viola to years, but Viola has grown even beyond Alissa’s imagination. The comedy series focuses on the parent-child relationship, where appearances can lead to misconceptions about who is the parent and who is the child. Piroya at Comics Launch Flex Comix Inc.July Website

  • Flex Comix Inc.

    has published comics The fifth volume of the compilation April 12.

    198054 Source: Anime Website, Comic Natalie198054



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