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Del Cory Resort 2024

“The beauty of nature ultimately lies in simplicity, no matter how complex the processes that regulate the functioning of each organism.” So reasoned Daniel Delcore, a designer with a passion for exploring remote wilderness, rare Plant specimens multiply and mutate in them.

Seeking clarity and a more “natural” visual for his Del Core at the resort, he struggled to balance the refined aesthetic he favored with what he called “weightless sophistication”. Delcore’s creations have always leaned toward sci-fi luxury—major sculptural gestures and a dash of fantasy glamour. You certainly don’t go to the brand for athleisure activewear; however, even occasion dressing and red carpet glam are moving in a “quieter” direction right now. His new collection is an exercise in fine-tuning his intuition for shifts in the fundamentals that dominate today’s fashion climate.

While retaining its inventive character, the collection offers a streamlined translation of Delcore’s leanings towards architecture. Sculpted pleats, couture cocoons, delicate draping and dramatic silhouettes are rendered in stretchable fabrics, softening their sculptural effect. A flower he found while hiking in Costa Rica served as the template for an ivory knit corset; the inky, liquid surface of a floaty lightweight nylon parachute parka conjured the wet feel of a tropical rainforest. As an updated version of the opera coat, it looked attractive worn over a long, sinuous mermaid skirt.

Elsewhere, texture is treated as a decorative canvas, with designers experimenting with abstract renderings of naturalistic themes. A standout was an exaggerated floral pattern sprayed on a chrysalis jacquard dress in shades of green, black and mercury. It looks like a carpet of mosses, lichens and ferns transformed into an evening gown.



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