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Delicious Party Precure ‒ Episode 44

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In the end, Godardz is more sad than scary. He’s still scary, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not really evil at its core that makes Fennel’s transformation, or even a genuine desire to hurt people. As you can see in the prologue of the penultimate episode, Fennel transforms into Godatz because of his insecurities and jealousy, his feeling that he will never be good enough to truly trust those who claim to be his friends. It was obvious that fighting him broke Mari’s heart a bit, and when the fight was over, Fennel wept for what he believed to be a defeat, which hit Mari and Cinnamon hard. In that moment, it was no surprise that they realized what was really driving Fennel’s transformation, and if they hadn’t asked themselves what they could have done differently to prevent it from happening.

But the role of magical girls is not to prevent Tragedy happens, but make it right and make sure it doesn’t happen again. They can’t undo what Godatz did, but they can help ensure it doesn’t repeat itself, and the main way they have to do it is by forcing Godatz to turn back into anise. Interestingly, Cure Precious keeps calling him Fennel, even when he’s in Godatz form, showing that she knows the truth about him even if he doesn’t want to admit it himself. Her role is both to fight him to save the world and to believe in his ability to change, which we’ve seen pay off in the reformation of his minions. Just as Gentlu became Cure Finale, Secretoru, Narcistoru, and Fennel themselves can make the same change. They just need someone to tell them it’s okay, they matter.

Last week, I said I thought the Yone knot Yui’s grandmother, filling the role usually played by the legendary Precure. She figured it out this week when the beckoning cat statues she was handing out in Oishi-na Town all came back to life to help fight off mini Spiritorus. Yong En and Jin Jie were the team that originally protected Dashina Town, food and people’s hearts. Their protection gave the current group of protectors an extra impetus. They remind everyone that even if someone dies it doesn’t mean they disappear from our lives, which may have been part of the anise problem in the first place. With Ginger gone, he couldn’t keep trying to prove himself to his mentor, leaving him apparently with no choice but to become as powerful as he could. He’s lost the source of validation he was looking for, and that, along with his jealousy, warps him, not that he’s inherently a bad person.

This is the final battle, but we still There is an aftermath that remains to be seen. The anime pulls out all the stops for the fight scenes, and it’s nice to see Rosemary take an active role in the fight, because it’s a fight that’s as much about the past as it is about the present. Yui throwing fennel is a very classic move in the magical girl dictionary; the idea of ​​self-sacrifice to save others is a backup of this genre, dating back to and . How Cure Precious will win Fennel’s heart remains to be seen, and there’s always the possibility that she will fail. But her warm heart is likely to melt even the thickest ice, and post-war reconstruction will prove to her that her grandmother has always been there for her.




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