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Delicious party precursor ‒ Episode 24

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Before we get into the actual plot, one thing needs to be said: is it a shrimp? Did they end up with broccoli pizza? Because that sounds like the perfect way to ruin shrimp and pizza . (Broccoli is impotent. Yes, I have a taste for kids.) But since I’ve been told that my preference for white pizza is just as blasphemous, maybe I don’t have room for words.

Anyway, this episode looks like we’re entering the final Set Narcistoru Days. We’ve seen Secretoru’s relationship with him get shorter and shorter over the past few weeks, and his loss to Finale this time around was especially harrowing. He showed it well, but his comments about Finale about how they should be partners was disappointing. On the surface, he’s just laughing at her time as Gentlu, reminding her that she was once under his control, but if we dig a little deeper, he’s probably expressing his concerns about how bad his campaign is. He’s seen how Healing gets stronger with each new player, and Black Pepper’s growing grip on his delicious tone only adds to Narcistoru’s problems. He’s a narcissist, but he’s not stupid, and he probably realizes it would be good to have a stronger partner than his previous associations with Gentlu and Secretoru would suggest. Not that I think he’ll play well with the others, but it speaks to his growing desperation.

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