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Delicious party precursor ‒ Episode 26

How do you rate episodes 17 of Delicious party♡ On time?

Community Score: 4.6

Was this episode paid for by the Japanese Green Pepper Commission? I know bell peppers are the anime equivalent of broccoli in the American kids media, playing the role of “most hated/hated vegetable”, but that definitely feels a bit over the top, if not outright bell pepper propaganda. I also recognize that this episode had some cultural and personal issues, and I have a “you have to eat all food” attitude. Not only do both of my sisters have specific dietary restrictions, but I can’t count the number of times the fact that I don’t eat pork (especially bacon) has caused problems, mostly people trying to get me to eat it “because it’s too good.” So , Kokone and Kome Kome have eat and/or appreciate Thinking a particular food doesn’t work for me.

But really, the bigger problem here is the story or how much Or less derailed. There’s nothing wrong with having a lighter, dumber episode every now and then, but this episode just feels like it’s useless beyond promoting bell peppers. That might be an unfair statement to me, since we did get to see Cure Spicy’s new crusty bread shield, but it was completely overshadowed by other story elements. In fact, this particular motto, Ubau-zo, is far more dangerous than the monsters the group has fought before – Spiritoru jumps straight over things like shovels and combines his wok with a drill that I don’t think belongs in the kitchen – Feeling underutilized. It’s definitely the perfect monster for Spicy’s new attack (defense?), but I’d like to see this fight more worrisome than it actually is. Mari quickly mentions Special Delicioustone as well – he brings it up, briefly explains it, and then disappears in the episode. While I’m sure it’ll return in a later episode, it feels like a one-off here, just tossed aside in favor of the hijinks. This show proves that hijinks and plot can coexist well, so why not here?

In all fairness, there are some good moments where Takumi plays a Usually slightly larger characters make up a lot of them. Black Pepper sneaked away after hearing that the girls were counting on Takumi to cook them a chili dish he hadn’t even started; as far as we know, when he found Spiritoru on the street, he had just dropped a box of bell peppers and ran . The King Green Pepper fantasy by Kome Kome is also interesting, and I love how the art style of the parts has shifted into a picture book format. Interestingly, in her fantasies, Kokone was her age, as if she knew that disliking bell peppers was something she was meant to get rid of, and Kokone’s dislike of them made her somehow younger than her age. There’s also an attempt to use Kokone’s determination to revisit veggies as evidence of her character growth, although it feels a bit sketchy, not like something she’s willing to try because she has friends, and more because she still doesn’t like them for herself Embarrassed at her age. But I appreciate the effort.

There are also some abnormal visual effects this time, mainly Kokone The Guardian mustache, which looked like a piece of felt he had glued to his upper lip. Again, off-model shots are more frequent than usual, mostly in profiles, and when Finale kicks out the motto Ubau-zo in battle. It’s not a bad episode, but it also doesn’t depend on ‘ s the usual standard, even if we exclude my own question from its information. Hopefully it will be back in form next week.




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