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Demon Slayer: Swordsman Village arc anime stars Koichi Yamadera as Zohakuten

Episode Seven () TV anime revealed on Sunday, Koichi Yamadera voiced by Zohakuten (first picture below), Hantengu’s The new work is a form made by combining all his clones. The animation’s official website also released a new visual map featuring Hiroshi Kura as the protagonist, and the animation’s English Twitter account also released the English version of the visual map (picture 2 below).


Fuji TV with a one-hour special. Before the premiere of the new arc, two special episodes of the former animation aired on April 1 and April 8.

demon-slayer-swordsmith-village-arc Crunchyroll is showing animation and will be in English, Latin American Spanish The animation is dubbed in English, Brazilian Portuguese, French, German and Hindi.

Theatrical screening of the animation is on February 3rd at theaters in Japan. Screening includes episodes of and , and the Swordsmith Village Arc’s first set. Screened in theaters in more than 10 countries.

Director Haruo Sozaki

, character designer and chief animation supervisor

Akira Matsushima , Animation Studio demon-slayer-swordsmith-village-arc ufotable

, the main cast will all return for new arcs.

Koyoharu Gotouge’s ‘s first TV anime The manga premiered in April 2019. demon-slayer-swordsmith-village-arcAniplex of America licensed the series and published it in on Hulu, demon-slayer-swordsmith-village-arcCrunchyroll and animate

. demon-slayer-swordsmith-village-arc newvisual Toonami

Programming Block premieres TV animation in October 495.

Anime movie begins showing in Japan in October418. demon-slayer-swordsmith-village-arcCrunchyroll and demon-slayer-swordsmith-village-arcFunimation is playing a movie.

, adapted from Mugen Train

Movie, premiering in October 2019. () TV animation premieres in December2021 One hour specials. demon-slayer-swordsmith-village-arc Animated and Crunchyroll both played and anime piece.

Source: Anime Website, Comic Natalie

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