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Demons are part-timers! !Anime gets sequel in 2023

official website

(with two exclamation marks), adapted from and Kahara Satoshi

The second season of the anime*) The light novel series, it was announced Friday that the anime will be in Get the sequel . The site released a visual featuring the new character Acieth Alla:

This The final episode of the anime’s second season aired on Thursday.

Animation Premiere Tokyo MX and


    July Channel12. The anime also started broadcasting exclusively in Japan on Disney+

    on the same day and time as its premiere.

Crunchyroll is airing the show because it airs in Japan.

Daisuke Chikushi

(, ) and

  • Studio 3Hz
  • ReplaceNaoto Hosoda and White Fox in the new season.

    Masahiro Yokotani , Ryosuke Nakasai , Teshima Akemi (Wish), Jin Aketagawa and Lantis as series script supervisor, music composer , the color key returns the artist and the music production company, respectively. Character Designer Yūdai Iino and Chief Animation Director Yoshihiro Takeda replaced Atsushi Ikariya , who had two roles in the first season.

    Kuribayashi Minami

    is back to sing the opening theme song “WITH” of the new season. She sang the opening theme song “ZERO!!” for the anime’s first season.

    The returning cast includes:

    Ryota Osaka as Sadao Maō /Devil Satan

    Yōko Hikasa

    as Emi Yusa/Heroine Emilia Yuanshan Zhiyang as Chiho Sasaki

  • Yūki Ono

    as Shirō Ashiya/Demon General Alciel

  • Hiro Shimono as Urushihara Hanzo/Devil General Lucifer
  • Ito Kanae

    as Suzuno Kamazuki

    Hina Chino plays Alas Ramos, a mysterious little girl born from an apple.

    TV anime adaptation premiered on 750. Funimation played the animation, and in 2015.

    Yen Press Published the original light novel and the manga adaptation of Akio Hiiragi , and described the story:

    After being beaten up by the hero Emilia, the Demon King and his The shogun hastily hit a retreat to an alternate universe…only to land in the middle of bustling modern Tokyo! Lacking the magic needed to return home, the two are forced to assume human identities and live normal human lives until they find a better solution. To make ends meet, Satan finds a paid job at a nearby fast food restaurant! With his diabolical mentality climbing up the food chain of stewardship, what will become of his thirst for conquest? !

    Wagahara released a light novel drawn by Yuzu)

  • exist2011. Hiiragi’s manga was adapted from Kadokawa ‘s December Magazine 400 .

    Mishima Kuroneo

    drew another manga spin-off called high school! in Kadokawa Magazine from 460 arrive2012. Yen Press

    also published all five volumes of the manga.

    ComicWalker The website launched a food theme called no Meshi!

    in August Comic derivative works . Prince Sato is drawing manga. The manga adapts the latest spinoff volume of the light novel series, by the same name. The novel volume ships in February 2014.

    190338 Source: Anime’s website, Manga Natalie



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